Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Turkey Tablescape

This is not my official Thanksgiving table but I wanted to play. Besides I have these Queen's Turkey plates and since I am not using them for my big Thanksgiving tablescape, I thought I would use them now. I also wanted to try something different.

Tablescape Thursday is hosted by the very gracious Susan of
Make sure you visit her to see some awesome and very inspiring tablescapes.

I am also linking with Jessa Irene's Thanksgiving Party at
You still have a lot of time to get something ready because her party starts on the 7th and will go on almost the whole month.

Since Thanksgiving is all about family and I am most thankful for my family, I thought I would emphasize that on my centerpiece. So, I borrowed the 2 figurines from the master bedroom to use. I think they are family oriented.
I also wanted to have some kind of a garden setting so I added my lemon thyme herb plant and a pot of pansies.

Most of our trees are still green but we sure have enough leaves falling on the deck.

My pansies are in a pot that Vicky of Paint or Dig gave me when we had the Mississippi Southern Belles get together here last summer. She gave me a set of 3 in different sizes and I love them all. Thanks again, Vicky! Do you see the other one just outside the window on the right side holding another plant?

Lemon thyme.....uhmmmm, it smells heavenly!

Queen's Turkey plates by Myott Factory I bought from Chicago 2 years ago. I have 12 of them.

Bird flatware and duck S & P shakers.

I can't remember where I bought the napkin rings, possibly from the other vendors in the store. I've been shopping a lot there lately.

BTW, if you are wondering how my booth is doing, I am happy to say that out of everybody there, I got top sales this month and I haven't even had much time to shop to restock, since my mom's been in and out of the hospital. I was #2 in top sales last month and it was my first month. So, it's been really fun.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I really appreciate it! Now let's go visit our gracious hostesses!
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