Friday, November 12, 2010

Pink Flowered Tea set and Brookhaven Events

It's Saturday again so it's time to go on another trip.

But first, let me share some pink and blue favorites.
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My pink contribution is this tea or coffee set, I won it on Ebay. It's Bavarian in Winterling pattern. I just love those pink flowers!

And now, let's go on a
tour. We are going on a nearby city, Brookhaven.

They had a craft sale about month or 2 ago,

All we bought was a wo0den bird house from the store below.

There it is!

Had to pose with Sarah Palin.

Last weekend was another event. They had an antique estate auction in the biggest mansion there.

It was cold! We had a freeze for the first time this season. Isn't the fog beautiful?

These are just houses that we passed by on our way to Brookhaven.?

This i s the house where all the antique furniture came from. The owner is not gone yet but he auctioned the furniture to raise money so he can fix the house.

I love the conservatory.

entry way

I think this is one of the most beautiful antiques that I have ever seen. It even has a Sevres medallion in the front. It is so gorgeous, the picture does not do it justice. I would have loved to bid on it but bidding just kept going higher and higher in the thousands.

That clock is musical also and it went up really high too.

I could not believe all the antiques this guy had and most of them were in excellent shape.

I wanted these 2 end tables for our grandkids guest room but we stopped bidding after a certain amount.

The auction was only starting when hubby handed me our numbered card while he went to buy a hot chocolate for mama. He shouldn't have left me because this parlor set came out for bidding and I started bidding on it. Luckily, the bidders were not hot yet so the price did not go up too high or I would have stopped bidding. I won it! Was John surprised when he got back and I told him I already won a furniture set, lol!
We did not get anything else except for a Tiffany signed opal ring with small diamonds which we paid slightly more than what we paid for the parlor set.
There were so many beautiful beds.

John placed a bid on this set but stopped at $1400. I can't remember how much higher it went. The set is really pretty and it has inlaid Mother of pearls on the wood. The color is really pretty too.

There were quite a lot of bidders there. We left early because we saw one of John's patients there and he offered to help us haul the furniture in his van and he had to leave early.

So many guns and so many gun entusiasts there cause they were going so high.

This was my favorite. I have never seen so much Wedgwood jasperware in one place in the same pattern and color. Truly exquisite! There were over 320 pieces. John asked me if I wanted them and if I wanted him to bid but I could not see spending over $4000 for a set of dishes. Besides, where would I store them? So, I said "No!". The table sits 22 And people were bidding on it. They must all have big dining rooms because this is a palace size set.

Thank you again for hosting, Beverly, Laurie and Sally and thank you all for stopping by!

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