Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vintage Coca Cola Garden Tablescape

I don't know why but after I moved this table from the kitchen breakfast nook to the back porch, I got inspired into creating a vintage garden tablescape. Of course, the 71 degree sunny weather had a big part in it too.

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I bought the wooden coca cola crate from one of the vendors in the store. I also bought the bunny planter from another vendor.

Just ignore the "Skinny Dipping Allowed" sign. It does not sound very vintage, does it? LOL! I still have to work on this wall.

A few months ago, we ate at a Japanese restaurant in Baton Rouge and they served us diet coke in little coke bottles. After we were done, I asked what they did with the empty bottles afterwards and the waiter said they just throw them away. I asked if I could have our empty bottles and he gave them to me. I thought I could use them for a vase on a vintage tablescape and I did just that. I just cut up some fresh red flowers from my plant and there they are!

Myvintage tin bowl and lidded soup bowls came from a Pottery Barn in Florida. They reminded me of the plates used by our maids in the Philippines. I have had the white plate chargers with blue rims. They are ceramic. or ironstone.

I bought 2 chicken wire plate chargers from Pottery Barn in Dallas. I wish now that I bought at least 4.

When I bought this crate, I was planning to use it to plant herbs in the spring but I thought it made a ncie centerpiece so I'll just keep it on one of the outdoor tables.
The herbs in terracotta pots are lemon thyme and they smell so good.

I lit the candles when it got dark. Isn't that a pretty glow?
I bought my Coca cola glasses from the dollar store a while back.

Cardinal S & P shakers.

Oh look! John is in the office. Can you see him? I think I need a hanging lamp in the corner above the fountain so it can be seen at night. Actually, I have an electric lantern there but I forgot to turn it on.

I love that terracotta bunny planter. I am so glad I bought it.

Bunny napkin rings..... I should have titled this post "Coke and Bunnies", LOL!

How do you like my canned diet coke in a cloche? Original huh? The ceramic bird is keeping it company.

I hope you enjoyed this outdoor tablescape. I thank you all for coming and I have enjoyed having you all.

Thanks to all our hosts!
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