Friday, April 8, 2011

AJ's Last Day, Pink Bunnies and New Purse

Hi all! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. As for us, it's been very busy in our household. My stepdaughter with her 3 kids ages 5, 4 and 2 are here visiting from Florida. John and I started the work by child proofing our home and you know with so much stuff, that wasn't easy. Anyway, we are just having fun with the kids now and they are all enjoying our personal water park in the backyard while I cook and set tables, which of course I enjoy doing, the setting of the table that is, not the cooking too much, lol.

Anyway, for Pink Saturday, my contribution is this pair of bunnies that stand to greet you as you enter the house in the foyer. They are quite tall and I bought them from CVS for $9.99 each. Not bad for the size, I think. That was before I got Mitch, our handyman, to take down my Easter decor from the attic. As soon as the company leaves, I can start decorating for Easter since my box is down. I also want to do an Easter tablescape in my booth at the store.

For more pink lovelies, please visit Beverly at

For my favorite, I am sharing this yellow purse with a bow. Isn't it cute? I am a Coach kind of girl but I saw this at Ross for $12.99 (can you believe I can get something this cute for that price?) yesterday and I could not resist. I thought I can use it for an everyday summer purse. For more favorites, please visit Laurie at

Now, for Sightseeing Saturday, I just want to show you what we did the day before AJ left for home after her spring vacation. We ate brunch at the Carriage House which is behind the Stanton Hall, another antebellum House. The carriage house was actually where they used to keep the horse carriages in the olden days.

Isn't that a grand mansion? I have toured the house before but we weren't allowed to take pictures so I have no photos of the inside to share.
There is the restaurant, The Carriage Inn.

And here was our menu. The food was so good!

After eating, we went across the river to the Vidalia, LA side.

and did a little bit of jogging and hiking.

I think we scared off the birds.

We are on the Vidalia side of the bridge. The other side is Natchez.

Isle of Capri casino and a barge

Aj found a lady bug and started enjoying it.

After walking around, we went to an antique shop in Natchez and saw this climbing bush with yellow flowers across from it. Aren't the flowers pretty? What are they?

Hope you enjoyed our casual tour. Thanks Laurie and Beverly for your sweet parties! And thanks y'all for stopping by!
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