Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Luncheon in the Gazebo with Lemon Chicken Roll

I really want to take advantage of the nice weather outside before it gets too hot. So, I try to have lunch out there with my mom, as often as possible. I already had a plan to get together with my friend Debjani in the early afternoon, either for some karaoke or jewelry making fun. I told her to just come earlier and join us for lunch, and just as a good friend should be, she naturally


Just a simple table setting here since it was a simple lunch, with no extra trimmings. I made a lemon chicken roll. I got the Pampered Chef recipe on line and it was easy, pretty and really tasty.

Again, I am linking with our gracious hostess, Susan of

for Tablescape Thursday.

I cut up some parsley from my herb garden to add to my centerpiece. See how long they are? I just grabbed the first vase that I saw and stuck them there. I just realized it did not match the table after I saw the pictures but that's ok, it blended with our tops, lol.

I bought the hydrangeas from the grocery. They are already planted now.

Just like I said, a simple place setting. I did not even use a dinner plate. I used charger plates with parsley though and an outdoorsy salad plates with bamboo borders. I could have used the matching dinner plates as the chargers but I wanted the parsley in the chargers to match my centerpiece. Besides, I had no time to think. This was another one of those impromptu luncheons. Pewter bunny napkin rings to complete the set.

Debjani brought wine, Moscato. It was so good. Even ma drank a lot and went straight to bed after lunch, lol.

Carrot cake for dessert. Yum!

We enjoyed being out there, eating, chatting and relaxing for too long that we ran out of time to make jewelry, but we sang, which is always fun too.

Thanks for joining us for an al fresco luncheon and thank you, Susan, for hosting.


Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Looks like you had a great time! Lovely table and ambiance, Christine.

Marigene said...

Nice table, Christine. The charger plates are great for springtime. The lemon chicken roll sounds delicious...I need to check out the recipe!

Kathleen said...

That looks good. The table and the food!

Debbie said...

Christine, it looks like you're sitting in a corner of paradise. I love it. And the place setting is just perfect.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a beautiful setting. I would love to have lunch with you. That lemon chicken sounds delicious, I will have to check it out.

Dolores said...

Wow.... your yard, the table setting etc..... so beautiful!!!
The meal looks and sounds delicious!!

Terri said...

Well Christine, that happens to be my FAVORITE kind and brand of wine! Barefoot Moscato! What a great time, good food, good wine, good fun! Thanks for sharing!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Lunch looks so good!! Yep! A little extra Moscato will do you in ! :-D
Looks like you had fun time.

Elaine said...

I envy you your gazebo :) It's just lovely, as was your table setting. How nice to be able to have lunch like that with your Mom and your friend. I definitely will have to check out that lemon chicken recipe too....looks absolutely delicious!

Entertaining Women said...

Your tropical design tablecloth is perfect for your alfresco luncheon. I'd forgotten how good Pampered Chef recipes can be. I'll have to check that one out. I continue to admire the many ways in which you continually honor your precious mom. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay

Blondie's Journal said...

This looks like so much fun! Your table is beautiful...I think the parsley in the vase was such a nice idea. The food looks delicious, I will have to find that recipe.

Hope you are doing well and that you have not had any of the bad storms that are going on. We have just had rain, so I can't complain.



Oh hon...again, you three girls look like you had a great time having lunch in your beautifuk garden gazebo, eating on the beautiful bamboo dishes and hanging out with the Karahoki!...I LOVE IT! much fun! Just come over, I just can't come in to BNOTP, so just drop by, if you can, to visit.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

How nice to be enjoying the weather and eating outside Christine! Your lunch looks amazing and the parsley chargers are one of my favorites:@)


Oh...this is better than Kareoki, SHOPPING, I mean! You do the greatest things Christine, you enjoy life so much, keep it up and enjoy it til the end, sweetie. Thanks for coming and for the sweet comments, once I go to visit you, I will take a big plate for keeps sake, I have so many! No, my hubby sold the Ceramic Factory, it was great, he had it for 30 yrs.,...he got tired of making it, as hand made things are expensive, take long and difficult! We're sad because of the dishes, but happier because of all the time we have now for traveling...he does work at home, though.
Luv ya!

Anonymous said...

Soo much fun!...the food,the outdoor setting under the gazebo,and your tablescape is fantastic,love the parsley centerpiece,so appropriate.
Hey come see the red pepper omelet for brunch in the bedroom,teehee
Lazy on loblolly

Donnie said...

What a lovely time you all had.

Kathysue said...

Hi C, your gazebo looks so picturesque and that lemon chicken looks delish!!!! So pretty as always, Kathysue

Zoey said...

Yum! Your food looks so appetizing. I love it when people really use their beautifully-set tables!

Marlis said...

Christine.. what fun you must have had in that beautiful setting. I love the parsley chargers.. perfect with the centerpiece. Your mom and your friend for lunch is a beautiful experience. Loved the look of the food.. What time should I be there? Just teasing.. You are blessed for sure.

Richard Cottrell said...

The lemon Chicken sounds and looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing. looks like you are a good cook as well as a beautiful table setter. Richard at My Old Historic House

Anonymous said...

Lovely table in the gazebo, Christine. I wish we had a gazebo.

Looks like you had a good time!

Traci said...

That looks SOOOO good!!! I think we're to the point that it's already too hot to eat outside.

Alycia Nichols said...

Hi, Christine!!! I know your Mom and your friend had to really enjoy that nice luncheon al fresco. So pretty, so relaxing, and the food looks fantastic! You called it a "simple" lunch, but it looked pretty fancy to me with that puff pastry chicken dish! LOVE your chargers!!! Those are so unique with the parsley design! I'm taking this week off from Tablescape Thursday as I continue preparing to move, but I hope to be able to visit your blog to see what pretty new design you come up with. Have a great week!

lvroftiques said...

Christine that looks so delish I wanna put my hand right through the screen and grab some of that chicken and wine! What perfect weather and a perfect setting for lunch with your friend and mom! Ummm did I forget to say I wanted some carrot cake too? Sheesh what is wrong with me?! I do have my prior-E-tays! LOL! Vanna

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