Monday, April 11, 2011

It's a Must Tea Party for Visiting Grandkids

My stepdaughter and her three children were visiting and we have been extremely busy. We were either swimming, eating out, shopping or sightseeing so we almost ran out of time having a tea party. Kerri said that the kids always tell her how much fun our tea parties have always been and when Zoe told me that her favorite thing to do when they are visiting us is having a tea party, I just could not let them leave without having one. It's more like a tradition now and it's a must!

So, the morning before they left, I decided to have a tea party in lieu of a regular breakfast. I set the table outside and who would have thought of using lace as a tablecloth for an al fresco setting? Well, it was the first thing I grabbed because I was rushing and I did not have any time to pick and choose but I thought it worked. I got up early and baked some Cinnabon cinnamon rolls and made some cranberry/raspberry tea. I had ordered some cookies from and luckily they arrived just in time. And that's all I served cause I knew we were having a grill cook out (steak, tuna steaks and catfish) for lunch. I am telling you, it was a back to back preparation. Now, do you know why I am still so exhausted? LOL!

I used various mugs with animals and bugs. I thought the kids would enjoy them and decided to use Bordallo Pinheiro plates with bunnies. I used plastic orange plates for my chargers and just used paper napkins because I could not access my napkin rings. We had to turn the drawers towards the wall because the toddlers kept pulling the drawers out. Luckily, only 1 ceramic duck napkin ring broke before they were caught.

Bumble bee cup!

Ladybug cup and a bee teapot.

A frog mug

Lynn, this is for you.....a porky cup!

Cow cup

I am so glad these domes were ever invented because it made it possible for me to put the food on the table ahead of time without the bugs beating us into them.

Little dragon fly butter pats.

The kids were anxiously anticipating the party.

Here is the whole group!

Kerri and Zoe.

It was so sunny and I really missed our umbrella. It was the one that the F2 tornado we had last week blew away like a flying saucer over the roof into the front yard, so it was badly damaged and I had to put it in the trash. Anyway, I was thankful that it was our only damage.

Noah is enjoying his roll and cannot wait to get his cookie.

I think Holden is enjoying his cookie.

Isn't the snail cute? Looks like he wants some cookies too.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our tea party for today. As soon as we finished eating, I put all the dishes away and set the same table for lunch. I marinated the steak and fish and John grilled them and the veggies and corn. I also tossed a salad with black eyed peas and baby greens. Kerri and the grandkids left for the airport right after lunch.

Whew! What a busy morning but it was fun for sure!

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