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House on Ellicott Hill, Pink Girly Tools and Fave Blues

The House on Ellicott Hill

If you follow my blog, you must have read about my niece and her 3 kids stopping by here on their way to Florida for spring break, to drop off my mom. They also dropped off this pink garden set that my oldest sister Fe, who is my niece Stephanie's mom, sent me. I just happened to already have the pair of pink gloves to match them. Now, I am going to be a stylish gardener, lol. I think this set qualifies for Pink Saturday, don't you think?

Thanks, atsi! I love the garden tools! They will be a lot of help too because I am always looking for my tools when I am gardening. I never remember where I left them last. I think I have been with ma too much, lol.

Now, I can have a set on each end of the yard.

And here are a few of my favorite flow blue and blue tableware. I just opened my cabinet in the family room and started shooting pictures of the ones I like the most.

I really do not know what the first one is used for but it is very small, the size of a shot glass but it has a pouring spout and a handle. It is etched with silver (looks like mercury silver). It was very hard to capture it with the camera but it has a figure of a lady in a long period dress and a man. I bought it from a garage sale in Florida a long long time ago, could possibly be over 30 years ago. It's one of a few that I took with me when we moved from Florida. The next one is a mortar and pestle in a Blue Willow pattern. It's also very small, about 2 inches.

Then, comes a gravy server with a drip tray and a ladle.

And lastly, a plant pot that looks very Frenchy to me. I bought it from Ross, again to sell in my booth but John pulled it out of my "to sell" bin and wants me to keep it. It's no wonder I can never get rid of my many stuff here at home, lol.

There is more. Below is a pitcher, about 7 inches tall. Then a little lidded box. I like it but I do not know what it is for either. It is about 9 inches long.

Next comes my flow blue dinner plate. I think I have 6 of this pattern, don't know what it is called.

On the second row of the mosaic below is a Geman pitcher. I REALLY love this. I love the embossed design of the people on it. In the center is a tureen. Love this too!

On the third row is another set of flow blue dishes, they are soup bowls. They are wide and not too deep. To their right is a flow blue butter dish and in the last picture is a set of flow blue luncheon plates. I like to collect flow blue dishes but most of the ones that I find in antique stores are very expensive. I did however, found another soup tureen from Ebay but I have not received it yet.

When AJ was here on her spring break, we went to see 2 antebellum houses. I showed you the Banker's House last week and now, let me show you the House on Ellicott Hill. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside the house. I managed to take one, a secretary, and that was before I asked if we were allowed to take pictures. I should have just kept my mouth shut, lol.

Anyway, the house looks pretty impressive from the outside because it is situated on a hill so I think you will enjoy the photos too.

It is overlooking the Mississippi River.

We had to climb up the brick steps to get to it. This is the back of the house. The house was built in 1798 by James Moore, who was a prominent merchant. But before we could get to the house on Ellicott Hill, we had to go pass by the Priests' house, another antebellum house which I have not yet toured inside. I am reserving it for another time when we have guests to show around town. The house in the foreground is the Priests' House While the House on Ellicott Hill is the one on it's left in the background.

The house was not named after the owner but after a mathematician and surveyor, Andrew Ellicott, who was appointed by George Washington, to mark the position of Parallel 31, which divided US possessions from those of the Spaniards. Ellicott set up a camp near the site picked by James Moore and he raised the flag over the MS territory in defiance of the Spanish government, who refused to withdraw its garrison from Natchez until March of 1798

You will see the flag flying with 15 stars on the ground.

The house was rented out after the owner's family increased in numbers beyond the capacity of the house and they moved to a plantation in Washington, MS. Ellicott Hill was occupied by Samuel Brooks who became a mayor of Natchez, then was occupied by a physician, Dr. Frederick Seip, who founded Natchez Hospital and who later bought the house. Another doctor later bought it and made it into a clinic and later became a school for boys, Natchez HS, which closed in 1878.

The house is West Indian in style. It has a large central room with smaller chambers on each end. The plan is the same on both levels of the house. Behind the house is a pool and this pool house, which I think they rent out for meetings now. I am sure these were built later.

Below are pictures we took on our way down after the tour.

Do you see how high the house is compared to the Priests' House?

And the location is just adjacent to the Grand Hotel. I took this picture for Laurie, our "A Few of My Favorite Things" hostess, because she and her husband stayed there when they were here overnight on their way to New Orleans. But she probably didn't know what they were then.

Please go down one more post if you can, to see my mother's picture. I just got her back from my sister in Chicago. She had 2 bad fall accidents last Fall when she was here and was hospitalized twice with a head injury including a head hematoma and a big cut which would not stop bleeding, but she is looking fine now and I would really love for you to see. We had dinner with the ER doctor last night, who initially treated her and he calls her the miracle patient. Just imagine a 92 year old falling from a truck and comes out without a single fracture, bruises everywhere but no fracture, thank God! And because of the head hematoma, she had to be transported via ambulance to a hospital 2 and half hr. away while her head was continuously bleeding even after the sutures.


Thank you so much for joining me again today. I appreciate your visits and comments very much.

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