Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Carnival Birthday Party

I am in Texas right now accompanying my friend for her medical appointment and I did not have any posting ready for Tablescape Thursday. But I have pictures
downloaded in my laptop from my trip to Fort Myers last Feb. to attend my grandson's first birthday. I thought I would post the tables that were set up for the party,

Here are the cupcakes my daughter and I made.

My daughter printed pictures of Nathan from the time he was born and every month thereafter and pasted them on paper balloons to post on the wall. Below are the first 6 months.

Here is the "sweets" table in between the kitchen and family room.

Here are the following 6 months photos.

I have to give most of the credit to my daughter. She did most of everything and a lot of the decor came from her ideas. I just helped and did the buffet setting. My son said that she was the one who inherited my baking talent. Yep, I can really bake but not cook very well. I do try though.

Decorated marshmallows

Party favors for the kids and the cake for the birthday boy.

We set the dining table in the formal area for the main courses. Tina's sister in law created the banner.

I couldn't figure out what to put on the table but we wanted to make it look like a circus. I saw this red wooden box with punched animals on each side in Nathan's bedroom. It's actually a night light. I took it and placed it on a wrapped empty box for some height, and used that as a centerpiece. I remember taping balloons on it later in the day but somehow, I cannot find a picture with the balloons.

Then I swagged some streamers around the table.

The birthday boy hated his hat, lol, but he loved his cake.

They served shish kabobs, Filipino noodles (pancit), Filipino egg rolls (lumpia), veggies and home made dip and fruit salad.

The kids had a lot of fun. And so did the adults.

We had carnival games set up for the kids and they won tickets that they could later redeem for various gifts. I had to drink a lot of diet cokes just so they can have empty cans to use for the cardboard clown heads that the kids targeted with guns with ball bullets, lol. AJ looks so grown up being in charge of one of the game booths.

Nathan just had his immunization shot the day before so he was feverish on and off but he had a lot of fun especially playing with the ball.

Below are my three kids. It's very hard for me to take their pictures while they are all together now so I took this opportunity.

I had posted this picture on Facebook. I also took this oppotunity to have my picture taken with my three grandkids. They are growing so fast especially AJ. She will be a teenager soon.

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