Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Spaces, lots of them!

Hi all! I would like to join some summer parties. More information is below. Just to show you an overview of my summer spaces, I created a mosaic of panoramic photos of the yard and deck.

As you can see, I like a natural looking yard.

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In case you have not heard, there is a Blog Party going on from 6-20 to 6-25 at Vanessa's.

Check it out at
I am joining Jenna's Summer Spaces at
and Sherry's Summer Entertaining at

I apologize in advance for posting a lot of pictures but I do have a lot of summer spaces and I wanted to share them all with you.

Let's start with the gazebo. Sometimes, I drink my coffee and read the newspaper there in the morning and then I see a deer watching me from behind.

We have lunch here sometimes even if it is just my mother and me and I often have tea with a close friend, Debjani.

Next, let's go to the secret garden. I call this as such because you do not see it from the house nor from the deck unless you go all the way to the edge. It is situated very low and you have to climb down a few steps to get there. Before we bought the house, this area was not even used, it was very bushy. We had the bushes cleared out and added railroad ties to create terraces.

I have created various seating nooks here so we can spread out and I can sit anywhere when I get tired from gardening, which I do a lot.

My last barbecue and swimming get together with friends was held here.

My grandson enjoyed rocking on the stone bunny rocker when he visited last week.

I just love it when grandkids visit and they are just roaming the property.

I have created various walking paths to make it easier to walk and climb around.

Now, lets go back up.

We had a wet deck built to entice the grandkids to visit more often and keep them occupied when they do come.

Are you ready to go for a swim now?

My 3 year old grandson is not afraid to jump from the board into an 8 ft. water but I am, lol! And they are not afraid to slide down either but I am! I know! I know! I am a chicken:-)

I have a big clock there on the wall so that John can check the time and not be late for work. He often comes home for lunch to swim.

Around the periphery of the pool and deck, you will see a lot of seating areas, pretty much in every corner and more. Here's one!

Some loungers. Hubby likes to read here after swimming.

And then there's the arbor. Did you notice we have another one in the secret garden? Sometimes, I just have tea and a snack here while blogging and playing Scrabble on the i phone.

This parlor table set is the latest one that I bought. I bought it from Homegoods in Houston. I fell in love with the design and color. I told my friend that it will be our next setting for having wine, cheese and crackers. But I just started a diet yesterday so I will have to postpone that.

And this is the farthest settee from the house. We will have to go down to get to it so it is hardly used.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my summer spaces. Thank you so much for your visits. And I would like to thank our hostesses, Vanessa, Jenna and Sherry for hosting.
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