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May I Overwhelm You For A While?

I am overwhelmed! So, I am warning you. If you do not want to get overwhelmed, you may stop reading my post right now. I thought I would never finish creating this. It took forever but I had to keep going because I did not want to miss The Tablescaper's party "Where Do You Keep It All?"

I will start with this French provincial cabinet in the formal dining room because it is my favorite. In fact, I am on the lookout for another one exactly like it. I would love to buy another one.

On the left side of the cabinet is a small French cabinet. It holds salt and pepper shakers. On top of it is a Noritake "Nippon Toki Kaisha" tea and dessert set.

The wooden flatware box holds a place settings of 12 silver plated Baroque flatware.

I like how it looks but most especially, I like it because it holds a lot of dishes and I don't have to worry about their weight. And it keeps me organized. There are at least 14 sets of dinnerware here.

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Now, let's go to the kitchen but we will go back to the dining room later.

This is the cabinet that I bought from Nancy of Nancy's Daily Dish. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it because I knew it would hold a lot. After you see this post, you will see why I need a lot of big storage cabinets. I filled it right away from the top to the drawers at the bottom.

This black hutch is also in the kitchen. It holds, you guessed it, more dishes, lol! All the drawers are full too and so is the top and the bottom cabinets. It's a long story but I got this cabinet for free.
This is right across from the black cabinet. It does not hold a lot but it helps!
This small cabinet with lots of drawers holds most of my napkin rings and placecard holders and it is full.
Of course I also use built in kitchen cabinets to store more dishes. Here is my coffee nook. Above it are our everyday glassware. I hate plastic cups but I have to keep them because hubby uses those big ones. He is a Diet coke addict and he pours 2 cans at once. I better keep them, after all, he foots the bill since I do not work. I better be nice to him because you know I can shop and boy, do I shop!!! LOL! In the cabinet below are mostly Polish pottery that will not fit in the black hutch, and then some.

These are our everyday dishes. As you can see, there is an open space there. That's because we just used the plates that were there and they are in the dishwasher now.

The dishwasher is a perfect storage place too and the tables? Why else do you think I always create tablescapes?

I even have to use the counter top of the island to store more plates. I use iron and wire racks, cloche and baskets to make them look more decorative. This is like a holding pattern. They stay there until I find a place to store them. Under the island holds a lot and it is full. I have plate chargers there too, bowls, baking dishes, etc. I like to store bigger items there.
On the right side of the TV is a flatware box which holds 3 sets of flatware. You will see my "Napoleon Bee" set on top and a pewter and silver plated sets in the drawers.

In the corner before getting to the wet bar, is this little glass pedestal cabinet. It holds wine glasses and goblets.

Enter the bar and you will see more glasses on the counter top, the bottom cabinets and a rack on top.
This is in the laundry room which is just off of the kitchen. This used to be a broom cabinet that I converted to a charger plate storage. I had our handyman, good ole Mitch, install shelves. I have goblets behind the charger plates and the bottom shelf is full of candle holders.
I told you we will go back to the dining room.

Here is another one of my favorite, a corner china cabinet. It holds my favorite dishes, various antique Tirschenreuth Bavarian dishes, Johann Haviland's "Brown Rose", platinum and gold Greek key rimmed Bavarian dishes and A. Laternier Limoges "Bird of Paradise" set.
This is a French buffet, also in the dining room. On each side with glass doors are more wine crystals and goblets. The top drawer holds my "Siam" flatware set and the cabinet below holds more charger plates and placemats.
Another china cabinet in the dining room is this little oak one. It just holds more dishes and Mexican margarita glasses. Above the cabinet are various salt and pepper shakers and a Quimper teaset.
Across from the oak cabinet is this little corner cabinet. On top of it are my "Lion" flatware set, a lion silver plated wine cooler bucket, sterling silver lion salt cellar and spoon set , a lion syrup server, Bavarian Tirschenreuth teapot and a Meissen compote.

Inside the cabinet are oval serving trays, more Johann Haviland's "Brown Rose" and Warvel dinnerware set.
Then I just have this tray table next to the tall corner cabinet where I am storing more teapots, tea cups and my set of mermaid glasses and pitcher and other miscellaneous items.

Right outside the dining room is the foyer and in the drawer of the console there, I keep some napkins. The bottom cabinet holds more teapots, my Spode "Emma's Garland" set and some other dishes.

I am not storing dinner stuff in the formal living room except in the little buffet server. On it is my Tracy Porter "Artesian" tea set and in the drawers are more plates.

I use table tops too to store plates and teasets decoratively.
Ok, now we are in the family room. We have this china cabinet there that holds some of my favorites, the flow blue and some Bavarian dishes and teasets and more crystals and glasses. As you can see, I store more stuff on top too, including a beverage server, a punch bowl and some pottery.
And you thought I had too much flatware sets? LOL! Here is our coffee table in the family room. It has 8 drawers on both sides and all 16 drawers are filled with flatware, well, except for one which I use to store my bigger napkin rings that would not fit in my tiny drawers in the kitchen.
Our TV stand is really a buffet server. We wanted something higher because we recline when we watch TV so this serves the purpose. Only one cabinet (the one on the right) holds TV stuff, dvd's etc. All the rest holds more table stuff.

The top holds a silver plated set. The bottom drawers and the left cabinet holds more dinner sets. Now we're in the hallway. We have this book case and I use the top to store my bulky cake plates and big bowls. The bottom cabinets hold my table linens, more napkins, tablecloths and placemats.
Under the doll cabinet are more table linens. I think I have been doing pretty good for not letting my dishes invade the bedrooms, YET, except for this computer armoire in the guest room. I am using the file drawer to store my Alice in Wonderland tea set, that I am still trying to complete piece by piece. Two shelves on the left side of the cabinet have more plates.

More miscellaneous storage. The top of the cabinets in the kitchen holds soup tureens and other bulky stuff, more dishes in more cabinets in the kichen and also the refrigerator top.

In spite of all my storage cabinets, I still have plenty of dishes in the garage that I cannot find room for inside the house. Do you see the door on the left side of this shelves? It is a walk in closet.

Now, we are in the walk in closet.

And yes, I have more dishes and stemware here, some of them still in boxes.
And to think that I still keep buying. When I go to a store, I head straight to the home goods section. I am just lucky that my hubby is so nice for letting me buy anything I want. He never complains nor stops me, in fact, he even encourages me most of the time.

Whew! I thought I will never finish. I hope I am not too late for the party but it seems like it took me forever to create this post. Thank you so much for your patience in viewing and thanks to The Tablescaper, Marty and Kim for hosting such fun memes.

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