Monday, June 20, 2011

Is This Wild and Manly Enough?

I created this table for John for our Father's Day dinner. I tried to make it look as masculine as possible. And although dh does not hunt, I thought the salad plates with hunt scene would bring masculinity to the table.
Do you agree?

I don't have very many round tablecloths. Big ones are not easy to find so I opened a lot of cabinets before I spotted this zebra print runner.

I bought it from Z Gallerie in Tampa a long time ago.

I thought it would add more manliness to the table too.

I bought the placemats from our church garage sale for $1. It was the last hour and they were closing and everything went for $1. I love the texture and they remind me of mats (banig) in the Philippines.

I used my darker handled bamboo flatware.

John likes ducks so I used ducks for S&P shakers. He likes birds too so I added them to the centerpiece also. I thought orchids grow in the forest wildly attaching themselves to big trees so I stuck a stalk into a hunt scene tankard.

I borrowed the 2 candlesticks holder from the foyer. I bought this pair from one of the vendors at the store for $10, I think and I love them. They are very heavy, bronze perhaps,
and very art nouveauey and quite tall.

I chose the king of the forest for napkin rings and zebra printed napkins which I almost forgot I had, all from Z Gallerie on clearance.

I used brown (or are they dark amber?) goblets and green wine glasses. They look pretty wild, don't they?

Ferns in the background makes it feel like a swampy forest.

I like how the window is reflected on the cabinet glass in this picture. It looks like a window showing the trees, isn't it?

I cut out some cilantro from my herb garden to add to the salad.

I made Thai beef salad but I forgot to add the tomatoes before I took the pictures.

But of course, I served rice! We eat it everyday. I also grilled some tuna steaks, one of John's favorite food.

And that concludes our Father's Day dinner!

Thanks to all of you for coming by and thanks to our wonderful hostesses

for hosting. I hope you get to visit them and their other participants.

Marty for Tabletop Tuesday at

Susan for Tablescape Thursday

Michael for Foodie Friday at
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