Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun in New Orleans!

Last weekend, we went to New Orleans for 4 days for hubby's medical meeting. I have both my mom and my granddaughter AJ with me so we had to take them. I know we would be doing a lot of walking so we brought a wheelchair for ma, if not, we would be walking very slowly.

The meeting was at Roosevelt Hotel. I love their door and portico. We stayed at Marriott's Renaissance which was just around the corner and it was right next to a Jesuit church, Immaculate Conception. The location was so convenient that we were able to attend mass twice while we were there. It is also very pretty and so I took a lot of pictures inside. I will share them on one of future Sightseeing Saturdays.

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And here is my contribution, a shadow shot of St. Anthony's Garden, behind St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana. The statue casts a magnified shadow of Jesus Christ onto the cathedral at nighttime!

The first day of the meeting, AJ, ma and I took a walk and came across this spa. AJ and Igot a massage and it felt so good. New Orleans is a very busy place and there were so many people walking around.

The shops are very colorful. I think we entered every shop downtown, trying on masks and hats.

My mom will be 93 on the 24th of this month. Doesn't her skin look so good. She hardly have any wrinkles. Must have been all that moisturizing cream she always asked us to buy for her when she was younger.

John has a lunch break every noon so we always

strolled the French Quarter with him too. I love this Hotel Monteleone building. I think it is on St. Charles where the antique stores are.

Do you see the horse post where I am posing? They were used in the olden times to tie their horses there when they park.

The supreme court building is quite impressive too.

You can pretty much wear anything there. And do pretty much anything too!

Lots of pantomimes around trying to make money from tips. They reminded me of those at the Ramblas in Barcelona. How can I ever forget that place when John was pickpocketed there?

They still have horse carriages and cable cars. And one night John and I were walking around, we saw a bunch of cops in horses and also in police cars. We later on found out that there were 2 poeple shot at random. That's one reason we do not take AJ and ma with us at night. We leave them at the hotel. New Orleans is fun but is still is a high crime area.

Harrah's casino

Nope, we did not gamble, just passed by.

Window shopping the antiques stores. I like these dishes but not for $8000.

Bling everywhere! I love the chandy with a big crystal ball hanging. Vanna, are you looking? I took these pics for you!

I took AJ to the Aquarium. I took a lot of pictures inside but I will share them on another Saturday.

St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square is the oldest continual operating Catholic cathedral in US.

Cafe du Monde is famous for their beignets and coffee.

AJ was hungry so we stopped to eat
in a cute little cafe right on St.Charles St. next to the Supreme Court.

Still on a high protein diet, John and I both

ordered crawfish omelet and they were really

AJ also ordered beignets. I had 2 bites. I know! I know, I cheated. But you cannot NOT have beignets when you are in New Orleans, lol. They were so good. I wish I was allowed to eat all of at least one. As you can see, the tray got emptied pretty fast.

The Natchez Riverboat is parked right on the Mississippi River. The ticket line was very long. Don't you think we should have one like this in Natchez? It existed in the olden times and I think they are trying to bring it back.

John spotted some street musicians. He brought ma close to be serenaded and she really enjoyed it clapping her hands while they were singing to her.

I did not buy anything in the antique shops. John spotted something he likes and he was thinking he would pay up to $200 for it. When he checked the tag, it was like $3600, lol. You see why we did not buy anything? Their prices were too high.

However, I bought a teapot with fleur de lis on it and a matching salad plate (intending to use it as a tray for the pot or for serving dessert) and a set of 2 cups and saucers. I also bought some veggie ceramic napkin rings.

Sorry for the picture quality. I used my small digital camera because I did not want to walk around with a chunky one.

I love their window planters. They remind me of London.

More pictures of stuff in antique shops to share with you.

On our way home, we passed by the dome. if you remember, during Hurricane Katrina, this is where most people evacuated to but then the water went so high that it took a long time before the people were rescued.

Thank you so much for stopping by and going on a New Orleans trip with us.
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