Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Life Inside a Cruise Ship

We just got back from the shortest cruise that we have taken, only 4 days, on Carnival Triumph. We just wanted to take a little break and take my granddaughter AJ out of the country. We took the one from the closest port, New Orleans, so that we did not have to fly, it's only a 3 hr. drive from us.

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We always follow the same routine when we cruise. After we embark, we eat and then we explore the ship and finally, just relax on the deck while we sail away.

We watch the beautiful sunset.
We visit the spa and gym, check their specials and see if we want to do or schedule anything there. This time we scheduled a stomach flattening seminar and scheduled a pedicure spa for AJ.

We did not bring any closed shoes (mostly just flip flops for me) so we could not join the gym activities.

AJ and I got a sample of their different types of massage. I think I like the hot stones the best.

AJ had a pedicure and foot massage.

We usually book a cabin with a balcony unless there isn't any left that is conveniently located, then we settle for an ocean view.
AJ likes to go on the window sill and it's our way of measuring how much she has grown.

As you can see here, she has grown quite a bit from the first time we took her when she was 7.

Dressing up for the formal night.

There are a lot of pools and jacuzzi tubs. AJ used to swim a lot but she did not like to swim in the ship this time. She said it was too crowded.

She loves the frozen yogurt.

formal dinner

Ahhh, there is my pink contribution....a pink dinner plate.

and here's another one: AJ's pink strawberry bisque.

We really enjoy watching the spectacular shows.

We also like to watch the Filipino band sing and perform.

The lobby showing the glass elevator.

Usually, AJ joins Camp Carnival. This time she chose to hang out with us instead.
She was dancing a lot and just having fun.

Lots of food but I resisted. I missed eating the delicious looking desserts though but I controlled myself, which is good since I did not gain a single pound.

Pretty watermelon carving.

John always comments that the ship does not make a lot of money from us because we do not gamble nor drink, which is where most of their revenues come from. But AJ likes to play Bingo so I take her when there are big jackpots. We never win (except for once and we had to split it 3 ways) but we have fun.

John and I also join the slot tournament, only because we get in free as VIP Platinum members, which just means that we have cruised at least 10 times on Carnival. This was my 16th cruise, AJ's 12th and John's 12th also but some were on the Royal Caribbean but we are all VIP members. Additional VIP benefits are getting on and off the ship first, free laundry, free oer d'ouvres and pastries delivered to the cabin, priority window in the purser's office (no standing in line) and gifts with the ship's logo.

On our cruise last Nov, 2010, the head waiter came to us delivering a free bottle of wine to VIP members. When he asked for AJ, everybody pointed at her but the waiter kept repeating the name. I guess only very few kids are platinum card holders and the waiter could not believe it.

I made it on the Slot tournament finals and almost won the $500 grand price but I came 3rd instead, winning only a cap and a tshirt. Awww, shucks, but better than nothing! LOL! And it was still exciting!

Everytime we go back to the cabin after dinner, we have an animal towel on the bed. This was AJ's fave, a dinasaur.

Every morning, we go on the deck to eat breakfast and then, our daily activities start all over again. Here's another pink contribution, AJ's shirt.

We went on an excursion in Cozumel, Mex. and I will share that with you next week. Thanks a lot for stopping by and thanks to Beverly for another fun meme.


Richard Cottrell said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. I am so glad your granddaughter got to go. Richard at My Old Historic House

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

You guys always have so much fun. This trip looks like it was great also. Hugs, Marty

Traci said...

I'm so excited about our Mardi Gras cruise! We're cruising on Norwegian & one night they have a Chocolate Buffet. I've never seen so much chocolate in my life & it's DELICIOUS!!!!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds like a fun time and you all looked rested and relaxed.

Marlis said...

Christine.. a totally lovely post. I love to see the happiness on everyone's face. And looking so relaxed. I admire you that you bypassed the desserts. I know I couldn't. This looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing your happiness with us. Many blessings, Marlis

Blondie's Journal said...

You always know how to have fun, Christine! I really enjoyed the way you showed us all the activities and attractions on the's nothing I've experienced before, you know that. I think it's a wonderful thing that you bring AJ along for the adventure. She is growing up so fast. You both look beautiful {and very much alike} in all of the pictures!


Bill said...

Hi Christine,

Thank you for sharing the great photos. Carnival should give you a free cruise or two for the fantastic PR you gave them here!

That's a great picture of you and John, and AJ's such a beautiful girl! Congrats on your win -- 3rd's still one of the top prizes! ;)


mississippi artist said...

Looks like you had a relaxing time. It has been years since we have been on one

Dolores said...

It's so wonderful that you share special times with AJ, you're making wonderful memories for her.

I'm drooling after looking at the food...YUM!
Your pictures are fantastic!

Shelia said...

Hi Christine! Looks like you packed a lot in those 4 days! Y'all do have a great time. AJ has grown so much! You look beautiful! I hope your hubby realizes what a jewel he has in you! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

It has been sooo long since I have been on a cruise. Ahh, the food is to die for. Right about now Christine, I am wishing I were your grand-daughter. I hope she knows that she is a lucky girl!

bj said...

O, I do love crusing.
I'm so glad ya'll had a good time.
AJ is growing so much, I can't even believe it.

I think you missed a post of mine while you were gone that I wanted you to see...

hugs and kisses, bj

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

AJ is growing up! She looks so pretty in her dressy dress! This was fun. We haven't taken a cruise. My parents took many and really loved them. I haven't been sure if I want to go on one or not. It is fun seeing the pictures. I don't know how you passed up those desserts!

Anonymous said...

AJ is such a beauty!!...thanks for sharing, I felt as if I'd got away on a lovely cruise,I have to admit I'm a little green with envy, yall are so blessed to be able to enjoy and make these wonderful memories.

Laura Wilkerson said...

I've never been on a cruise before but it looks like a lot of fun!

nenette said...

AJ is sure one lucky young lady to have a loving and kind and generous grandma! So glad you had time to relax and 'let go.' What self control you have to skip all that luscious looking deserts, I know I couldn't. I always look forward to your blog and you never disappoint any of us followers.
Wishing you well,
Nenette West

Beth said...

Hi Christine! I love this post! Looks like you had a lot of fun and good for you for not gaining any pounds. That's not easy to do!
We like to cruise too (who doesn't?) Our daughter was married in Cozumel on an excursion with a Carnival cruise. It was a lovely wedding! Another cruise we were on was a Richard Simmons cruise; not everyone, but he had a large contingent. We got to meet him and he was very cordial and said he used to live in our state (Iowa). I am looking forward to your next installment on your trip. Oh, by the way, AJ looks beautiful in her formal wear! She is growing up to be a young lady!
Hugs, Beth

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

You and your granddaughter look so pretty Christine!
I loved seeing all of the pics of the ship and your adventures!
I've never been on a cruise but would love to go someday!
Hugs friend,

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Looks like you all had a blast! What a great way to spend time with your grandaughter. I've been on a cruise only once, loved it and would love to do it again. They are fantastic but I am sure I would come back heavier then ever! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

LV said...

I have been on many cruises and found them the best way to travel. Have not been on this one you took. I have no one to go with me now, and it is too expensive for one.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Another fun trip Christine. Every time I see a picture of AJ, I'm shocked at how much she has grown. That photo of her ready for the evening out is beautiful. She looks like an adult. You and John are going to have to start watching the young men when you take her on cruises with you. You look great. You've lost weight, but I don't know how you passed up those delicious looking desserts! laurie

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Christine Sweetie...
What a gorgeous share today. I have always wanted to go on a cruise, and you just took me. I so enjoyed myself. Looks like you, John and AJ had a wonderful time. Love seeing the photos of AJ dressed up for dinner. She is absolutely gorgeous sweetie.

I loved the picture of you and John. You were both having such a wonderful time. Isn't love grand?

Can't wait to see the next cruise. Thank you again for sharing sweetie. Have a beautiful Pink Saturday and a wonderful weekend as well. Many hugs and much love from Phoenix, Sherry

Susie Jefferson said...

What an amazing trip - definitely once-in-a-lifetime, and so nice to see you and your family having such a lovely time.

This week, my contribution is a desktop screensaver calendar. Happy Pink Saturday from the UK!

Anonymous said...

How fun...
That strawberry bisque looks interesting.
Have a pinkishly beautiful weekend.

Tomarie said...

Hi Cx! Thought I'd pop by for a visit! Your cruise looks awsome! I agree with Laurie....AJ looked beautiful for her formal evening....she's a real knock-out!! :-). Takes after her grandmother!
Glad y'all had a goodmtime. L~

Pat said...

What an amazing adventure you had! Your family is beautiful and everyone looks very, very happy!

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

What a lovely post! Your family is beautiful! Awsome cruise! Thanks for sharing.
Hope to see you on my blog:)

Debbie said...

Oh, I 'm trying not to be too jealous! This looks so relaxing and wonderful. I thought my favorite pictures were of AJ in the window until I scrolled down and saw her dressed for the evening. WOW. What a beauty!!

I can tell you had a wonderful time.

~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady.
Looks like you all had a Great Time sweet lady !!!
Thanks for sharing with us.
xxoo Diane

Michele said...

wow, what an awesome post! happy pink saturday and keep having great fun wherever you go! xo

Sue said...

You're making great memories for AJ, Christine! Lots of pampering makes for a soothed soul. Thanks for letting us travel along w/you. :-)

lvroftiques said...

Christine it had to be so nice to take this cruise so close to home. Everything looks like so much fun and the food looks killer delish! AJ certainly has done her share of traveling hasn't she?! Vanna

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That's cute about the wine for AJ, I agree, I doubt that few children are platinum members.
What a wonderful trip. I have never been and it looks like so much fun. Funny how AJ can looks so young yet when she got dressed up she looked a lot older. She looked beautiful in that gown.
Love the window shots.

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