Friday, July 29, 2011

Immaculate Conception Church and Pink VW Beetle

For Sightseeing Saturday, I would like to share the church we visited when we were in New Orleans a few weekends ago. The church, though Moorish in architecture, is a Catholic church of Jesuit congregation called Immaculate Conception. It has this pretty vintage looking huge ornate door. If you want to read the hstory of the church, go to

But before I show you more, let me show you my contribution for Pink Saturday, the pink Beetle we saw parked right by Roosevelt Hotel, where John's meeting was. If you want to see more lovely pinks, go visit Beverly at

Just when I started to take pictures, a lady in a pink shirt and hat passed by. I thought the car belonged to her but she just passed right by it.

I also would like to link with The Tablescaper's Seasonal Sunday at

also with Scenic Sunday at

Here's a view of the church top from a glass door of the hotel where we stayed in.

It was so convenient. It was right next door to the hotel so we were able to attend mass twice that week, Friday and Sunday morning.

The church was so beautiful inside too.

A lovely dome above the main altar.

The altar

I love the throne chair.

The podium.

The sides of the church with lovely columns and arches and gorgeous stained glass windows.

Fabulous hanging lights lined both sides.

This is the back of the church.

I fell immediately in love with the pews. Their backs are all

adorned with wooden carvings with medallions.
The ends of the pews are made out of ornate wrought iron. Very pretty!

Just like I said, we just walked from the hotel to go to the church. Even ma walked.

There she is being led by AJ.

Thank you so much for your visit and thanks to our gracious and dedicated hostesses.
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