Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sightseeing and Snorkeling in Cozumel

If you stopped by for a visit last week, you would know that we took a short Caribbean cruise aboard the Carnival Triumph.

We arrived in Cozumel at dawn, still dark, but I was just happy to see land after sailing for 2 days.

The tourists are now ready and headed out after breakfast.
The port is always lined with shops but we could not stop because we were running late for our excursion. We will hit those stores when we get back.

We signed up for a Buggy ride and Snorkeling in Punta Sur. Unfortunately, Punta Sur beach was not clear so they took us to Chankanaab for snorkeling and promised to take us to Punta Sur at the end to swim. This was our blue buggy and guess what! It's a stick shift and John has not driven one for who knows when. So, who ended up driving but me! I have not driven one either for ages but I guess I am more adaptable than him.

My buggy had a problem too which I just discovered when we were already on the road and I could not stop as we were following each other in a group. There was no way I would be left behind in a place where I would not know where to go.

Do I look stressed? Indeed, I was! I did not know AJ took this picture, lol. My seat lock got released so everytime I step on the clutch, my seat gets pushed all the way back and since I am short, my foot cannot reach the break nor the clutch. So, I had to constantly pull myself forward holding on to the steering wheel while driving, and it was not easy because I had to shift gears while stepping on the clutch and I had to pay attention to the buggy in front of me that I was following. Needless to say, I stalled quite a few times.

Mexican beer anyone?

Well, we made it and the tour guide fixed my seat.

Here we are getting instructions from the guide and getting ready to snorkel.

Do you see that school of fish? Amazing! Last time we came to snorkel here, I wasn't able to go because the waves were so strong and I got nervous. The water is very deep. AJ and John went and I wanted John to concentrate on AJ's safety instead of watching both of us.

But this time I was able to go and I had a lot of fun snapping photos here and there, mostly of AJ cause she kept doing tumbles under the water.

After snorkeling, we went to the Crocodiles Zone to look at crocodiles in the wild. Do you see that one in the last picture of the mosaic?

John is so stylish, NOT! LOL! AJ and I always say we will hide that gray and red shirt because he wears it all the time, even if the shorts do not match. It's his favorite. Notice the bird flying over his head.

There were iguanas everywhere.

a small Mayan ruin

Then we drove to the lighthouse. And yes, my buggy seat lock got released again. This buggy driving was really stressful because of my seat problem. AJ helped by pushing the seat forward from behind from where she was sitting.

We headed for the lighthouse.

There were 156 steps to the top of the lighthouse so John and I stayed down and went shopping instead. AJ took pictures from the top.

Then, off we drove again, this time to Punta Sur Beach to eat and swim.

We found t shirts saying "Peepee Station" so we bought one for each of John's employees. So appropriate since he is a Urologist, lol. Chicken fajitas and chips with cheese were served, but John and I could only eat the chicken cause we were still on strict diet then.

Here is the beach. I did not swim, I just watched AJ.

Off we went again, this time back to the port. My seat problem never got resolved. The tour guide will fix it when I am parked but everytime I go through a bump, the lock releases. Hmmmp! And believe me, there are a lot of bumps on Mexican roads.

Back on the port .

We shopped a little and got tired so we went back to the ship early. I couldn't wait to take a shower.

We had a lot of fun and I am glad I got to share the trip with you.

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Thanks to out hostesses and thank you all for coming!
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