Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Natasha!

Last Saturday, I decided to go to Homegoods since Tina's hubby was home for the weekend from the seminar so he can help watch the kids. I was also starting to know my way around plus, I had my vehicle with me which I drove from Rochelle's house. John and I have left a vehicle here so that we would always have something to use when we are in town. I bought a few home stuff, which if you know me, I have a hard time resisting,

It's a good thing I bought some table items because Tina was preparing for a dinner party to celebrate Natasha's birthday, and everytime I asked her if she has this or that, she always answers "No", lol! I guess she did not take after her mother's obsession.

You probably have read me talk about Tina and Scott's German neighbors, Chris, Natasha and their cute son, Jan. They have gotten so close to each other even though they are only in this country for part of the year. It was so nice to witness their closeness because it gives me peace of mind knowing that they are looking after each other. Natasha is always so nice coming over almost every night, just to help hold the baby and Chris is always taking care of the boys.

Anyway, it was Natasha's birthday on Friday and Tina decided to cook dinner for them and invited another family, Jen and Scott and their 2 adorable kids, to join us.
I was itching to do a tablescape and luckily I had what I could use in my shopping bag.  
And so I created this yet another simple red and white table. 

I bought the red tablecloth with 10 matching napkins included, for $14.00. I already have a red tablecloth at home but I do not have one this long and I thought that price was pretty good considering that it included 10 napkins.

A simple table for 7 with not even a placemat or a plate charger.

I bought the vase with faux gerber daisies from Homegoods also.
And you probably remember my little orchid plant that I bought from the farmer's market a few weeks ago. It's growing very nicely.
This is a kid friendly tablescape. See the 2 boys playing in the background?

Chris is always happy, always joking around, here trying to make fun of Tina's height.
And you will see the guests of honor below.

When it was time for Natasha to blow her birthday cake candles, we had to light them up again because Nathan beat her to it, lol.

And below are the kids. While the adults were socializing in the family room, the kids were having a jam session in the boys bedroom. Isn't Brendan and Kaylin so cute visiting with Baby Reese?

They had their own table and they had a great time too.

Tina made eggplant parmigiana and baked ziti and I baked a mocha cake. I wanted to bake something else for a change but Tina insisted on having this cake. Jen brought some garlic bread but I forgot to take a picture. The food was all delicious.
Happy Birthday again, Natasha! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!
Thank you all so much for stopping by.

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