Monday, January 30, 2012

Love, Hope and Happiness

A few days ago while we were driving around for Rochelle and the twins' doctor's apointments, we stopped by an Italian bakery called Paesano's. It's too much hassle to take down the twins so I left Rochelle with them in the car and went in the bakery by myself.

I was thinking of having tea after AJ comes home from school. I brought this tea set from my booth in Natchez when I came here last Thanksgiving.
 This is what I came out with from the bakery, a tiramisu, red velvet cake, carrot cake, cherry topped cheesecake, cannolis, brownie cheesecake and an almond pig in a blanket pastry. There were so much goodies in there! I couldn't fit everything under the cake dome so I left out the red velvet and carrot cakes. I think these sweets are more than enough for us 3 for now, lol.

After we got home, we walked with the twins to meet AJ at the bus stop.

Then, I made some raspberry/cranberry tea and prepared the table for us to have an afternoon tea.

 There's AJ pouring her tea.

 And here is Rochelle! We had a relaxing afternoon eating, talking and bonding.
 And that was made possible because the twins weren't being fussy. Thanks Rea and Halle, for being so good and giving us a break!
Can you see them holding hands again?
Thank you for stopping by and thank you to all our hosts below for all these fun memes. I hope you get to visit them cause you will be in for some nice treats.

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