Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Happy Home!...The Twins Are Born!

Yesterday, my daughter Tina and I drove with her 3 little kids to Rochelle's, my other daughter's house. She was scheduled early the next morning to have a C section to deliver twins.

I took a picture again of the nursery and it is all ready to welcome the twins home.

The next day, Rochelle who was having the twin girls went to the hospital with her hubby, Derek, at 5:30 AM. Tina, I and Rochelle's 13 year old daughter AJ, followed at 7 because OR was scheduled at 7:30 AM.

Below are the 2 sisters taken before Rochelle was taken to surgery.
As soon as they took her, the 3 of us went to get something to eat. After a while,Tina went to check
on her and then came back to tell me they are allowing one member of the family to observe in that restricted area. Of course, the husband was already allowed inside the surgery room.
Tina said she would love to watch but she will be nice because she knows I would love to go in
so she will let me go instead. Of course I jumped on the opportunity.
I went in and then the anaesthesiologist brought AJ in too and told her "We can't have the big sister not see her baby sisters be born!".
And so there is AJ and me watching the whole procedure from the window in the observation room

AJ got so emotional and started crying.

And the babies were born. First was Rea Jaelyn with lots of black hair at 6 lbs, 5.6 oz and 19 inches long.

Then Baby B followed. We call her Halle Joselyn at 5 lbs, 12 oz and 18.75 inches long. She has very little and very light hair.

I have pictures of them being born but I deleted them cause they might be too graphic for people who are not in the medical field.

First picture with mom and dad. Too bad big sister AJ could not be in the picture.
And here are the twin girls all cleaned up and bundled. They are not identical twins but it is very hard to tell them apart when ther heads are covered.
I think they both look like Derek, especially with their eyes closed. He could not get enough of them, always holding or touching them. He is a very proud daddy for sure!
Actually, we all couldn't get enough of them, lol. They are really so cute and so precious!

Tina and Halle
And as most of you know, Tina just had a baby girl too last Dec. 26. I am definitely in grandkids heaven. We put baby Reese in between the twins, lol. We call them the Triplets!

Mom, big sister and Rea.
Rochelle was groggy most of the day because of the anesthesia but started getting more alert by late afternoon.
AJ just loves the babies! We all do! We were always racing to get to them first. Good thing there were 3 baby girls there cause Reese was there too.
4 granddaughters and me!
What a wonderful feeling to have them all at the same time.
Thank you so much for stopping by to join me during this very special day.

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ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Congrats Christine they are beautiful! So precious!! You look way too young to be a grandma.

Bunny Jean said...

Hi Christine! What a blessing! Or should I say blessings?!

They were a nice size for twin girls and oh SO beautiful. The mommy and grandma are beautiful too!

As a mom of twins I know how busy the happy parents will be from here on out, but I just bet you will find a way to help.

xoxo Bunny Jean

Barbara F. said...

Congratulations on the twin baby girls! You have lots of blessings the last few weeks. xo

Ellie said...

Wow, that's so cool! Thanks for sharing this sweet story, and congratulations!

Terri said...

Oh Christine!!!! You have been blessed several times over, haven't you? As the gram of twin girls, I can tell you that you are in for SO MUCH FUN.... Everywhere you go, everyone will want to coo and make over those precious little ones. It will get to the point that it will be irritating when you're trying to get some shopping done. I'm so glad they were born so big and healthy. Three beautiful baby girls and a sweet big sister... :))

Marigene said...

Congratulations on your beautiful little bundles of joy!

Sares said...

Congratulations to your family! They are too cute and very tiny! AJ is certainly turning into a beautiful young lady. I am sure she will make a marvelous big sister!

Debjani said...

Wow Christine! What a momentous blog! I just love so many of the pictures! Each depicted something special and unique. So many "firsts" in this blog! You all look so wonderful and happy. That photo of you with all your granddaughters is one to frame! And I love that angle of the 4 of them in the delivery room, lol. And who took that one of you and AJ taking pics?? That's looks like something I would do!!

Anyway, thanks for sharing this miraculous event with all of us. And Congratulations to you, Rochelle, Derek, and AJ and to the Paterson grandparents as well and Rochelle's dad too!!! What a lovely family!

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Congrats, Christine! How precious! It gave me goosebumps to look at those pics 'cause we have twin granddaughters, too. I remember how amazing it was to have 2 at one time...a lot of work the first year, but with grandparents handy that should be a lot easier. Our granddaughters are 6 now - identical - so much fun. You just watch....they will be each other's BEST FRIEND! What a treat you have in store! Linda

hundredsofideas said...

Adorable photos...congrats to everyone in the family! What a treat to have twins..

Solange Belém said...

Hi, Christine. Thank you so much for sharing. Congratulations to your family!

Blessed be.

Solange Belém

Beth said...

Congratulations, Christine! I love your family photos. The children are all just beautiful and I am so happy for you, your daughters, their husbands, and AJ and the little boys. Two families, three beautiful children each...so blessed!
Hugs, Beth

Pat said...

Absolutely beautiful Christine! Congratulations!

I love that photo of AJ! You caught her emotions beautifully.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh Christine, how precious. Congratulations!!!! All of your grand-daughters are gorgeous. Enjoy. Hugs, Marty

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Congratulations to all concerned! Lots of busy times ahead for all. :D

Traci said...

What a wonderful time for your family. Congrats to you all. I can't believe the twins were as big as they were. That's awesome!


Oh goodness me! You sure are in "Grandbabies Heaven" dear Christine, wow! The three new born look so much alike, and their totally gorgeous! I can tell Rochelle looks tired and groggy. All of you look great and the big sister is such a beauty, like granny. Congratulations to the parents and specially to grandma, caz I know you're so proud of your little girls, (daughters) Chis.
Such blessings to start the new year, couldn't get any better than this! Hugs,

Olive Cooper said...

Sweet. Christine, I can imagine your heart is overflowing with this double blessing. They are beautiful and a very good size for twins.

Joyce said...

Adorable babies. What a fun time for you with so many new grands between Dec and now! Hug and kiss all those dolls for me.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Christine, what a precious post! I am so happy for you. Every picture brings joy.....thank you for sharing.

Hugs, Barb

G Inspires said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing these precious moments and congratulations!! Visiting via The Bunny Hop!

Richard Cottrell said...

You are just having babies, everywhere. Congradulations to all of you. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Loretta said...

They are all sooo very adorable! Congrats to you all! Hugs

Marlis said...

Congratulations.. how wonderful. how blessed they are all healthy and lovely! xo marlis

Chubby N Chieque said...

Hello Ate Xine,

Wow! You are absolutely in Angel Heaven. Imagaine, this 4 gorgeous girls? I can't imagine your feeling being a grandma.

Lola Xine, sosyal talaga ang Ate kow. Hope everyone is in the best of health and God Bless You All.

Lots of hugs,
/D´Nics (Nicolaisen's Family)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Congratulations! They are so darn cute. Love all the pictures. AJ is going to love them so much. They sure do look alike. Have fun. You don't have enough arms for all your new granddaughters! ((HUGS))

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Wow...you should just be in the best mood ever. Your girls are both okay and you have all these gorgeous babies to play with! They are darling, thank you so much for sharing your joy with us!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

What a wonderful way to start 2012! Congratulations to your daughter and you and the rest of the family! What adorable little blessings!!!

Ricki Jill

A Hint of Home said...

Congratulations all those sweet babies! I know you are thrilled and excited.
They are all precious! So happy all went well and you were able to observe.
Enjoy every minute!

Linda said...

Congrats Christine! You are one lucky Grandma...you look fabulous! These bundles of joy are so precious. There is going to be lots of spoiling going on. Enjoy them. Thanks again for sharing the wonderful photos

Alycia Nichols said...

Hooray for you and your family!!! I am so happy for you all!!! The babies are absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!!!!!!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How wonderful! Babies are such a blessing for the whole family! What happy times! ♥

ElleX said...

Congratulations to you and your family!!! The babies are so sweet and precious! I am, also, wishing Rochelle a speedy recovery!

Kathleen said...

How wonderful! God bless all of you!
You must be so happy, and soon you will be so tired!:)

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I am so happy for you!! So glad everyone is happy and healthy!!

All of your grandchildren are adorable!!


Dolores said...

Your family is so beautiful!!!!!
Precious babies and so many blessings!!
What fun you will all have together......

Heather said...

Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


Kathy said...

Congratulations Christine! Oh they are all so precious! I can just imagine you being in heaven! Lots of fun for your family this year! Thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday!
God Bless,

mississippi artist said...

Oh my gosh how beautiful they are! I know you are all over the moon!I know you are going to hate leaving them.

bj said...

OMG....so many babies. Oh, Christiney, you are blessed beyond measure, girl. And, they are all blessed to have YOU as their grandmother. So much love going on here. I am excited.
When our twins were born, Baby A became ANDREA....Baby B became BAILEY....so they still go by "A" and "B".....:)))

Marydon said...

Oh, my, Christine! What a fabulous day for you. Such beauties all 3 babies are. May all the angels hover over the babies.

You have a beautiful family, Christine. How blessed you all are.

Have a great day ~

bridgetstraub.com said...

So magical! you are a very lucky woman.

Debbie said...

What a wonderful post to come home to!!

I loved this and congratulations on all three of them. The women in your family definitely have a "beauty gene" so I anticipate three more beauties in your world.

You are so blessed. So VERY BLESSED!

Sarah said...

Great news, Christine! How exciting to have three little girls to grow up together. You are definitely in grandmother heaven! ~ Sarah

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

What a fabulous day Christine! Everyone is beautiful and healthy and wonderful!! God is so Good!

Congratulations to each one of you :)

Lou Cinda

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Congratulations! Wow, three beautiful baby girl grandaughters in a month!! And the older beautiful sister...you are blessed!!

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Wow, Christine, and congratulations! Glad all is ok, and so glad ya'll got to watch. I saw my first c-section in clinical in nursing school, and not sure I could handle watching if I were the big sis. Your daughters are beatuiful, just like their mom, and so are all of your grand-daughters. Have fun and enjoy them!

Loretta said...

Wow! This is my first visit to your blog. How amazing to have TWO darling new granddaughters! How very blessed you are! What fun!!!!
A very Happy P I N K Day to you all!

Atelier de Charo said...

Congrats Congrats!!! Cute Babies!

Big Hugs

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

This is just amazing....the beauty that surrounds you is breathtaking! What pieces of heaven..ALL of them.

chubskulit said...

I cried seeing your daughter's tears wahhh.. Congratulations!

cassandrasminicorner said...

Perfect addition to the family:)

Visiting for Pink Saturday! Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)


Maria Elena said...

Congratulations! What beautiful babies!
So happy for you!

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