Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Simplest Ever!

While I was at my daughter Rochelle's house, a few days after she and her twins came home from the hospital, my son Jed called and said he will bring groceries and cook for all of us. Jed is a very good cook so naturally, we all looked forward to diinner. I told Rochelle that I was missing doing tablescapes and she told me I should do one and just use baby gifts for centerpieces and so I did!
The 2 water globes were sent from the twins aunt on their father side all the way from Pennslvania. They came with plates that I was supposed to take to Things Remembered for personalization but I forgot them at home when I went to the mall.
The flowers were given by friends who came to visit in the hospital.

I looked around my daughter's kitchen cabinets for plates that will blend with pink and I found these black and white dishes. I did not even use placemats because I could not find any matching ones. We used paper napkins.

I saw this little flowered  ceramic figurine with 2 little mice on it and thought I'd add it to the centerpiece.
And there it is, my simplest tablescape ever! At least it served as my tablescape fix for this week, lol.

My son cooked Seafood pasta, steamed asparagus, braised beef with potatoes, grilled shrimp.  My daughter in law, Becky, made some Spanish rice. And we also had some grilled chicken.

And here was my dinner plate. Yum! I miss my son's cooking now that I am at my other daughter Tina's home. She was the one who had a baby the day after Christmas. I drove here to accompany her for the week cause her hubby went out of town for a job related training.

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