Monday, March 9, 2009

Antique Auction Winnings

Last Saturday, dh, my mom and I went to the Gold Coast Antique Auctions in Flowood, MS. While my mom just sat there patiently occationally dozing off, we had a great time especially after winning some items that I really wanted. This was one of them. I really like the pale yellow (it feels like shell or capiz) tiffany style bronze lampshade.Here is how it looks with the light on.
I am not sure which one is my favorite. It's a toss b/w this, the lamp, and the third item. Which one is yours? Anyway, below is a Napoleon Bonaparte porcelain tray set with 3 expresso or demitasse (not sure which one) cups and saucers. Do you know who the other 2 people are on the other cups? Calling! You can click on the pictures to see the details. I was eyeing on this last month when we went to the same auction place but they did not put it out for bidding. This time, I gave it to the girl who works there and asked if she could include it in the auction. I told her, I hope the price does not go up too high. She assured me that it is very expensive and it might go up. Hmmmp! That got me really nervous! But I think we got it at a very reasonable price. We got it for $150.00. Do you think it's worth it?
You can see the pictures on the cups better here.
Do you see my new ballerina dancers? I bought the figurine from Vanna. Isn't it a beauty? If you want to see the other items that she is selling, go to You have to act fast because they go fast.
Here's another one or a pair of my favorites. They are framed Limoge porcelains. I saw them hanging in the store and they weren't even going up for bidding either. But, I pulled them out of the wall and asked one of the employees to put them up for auctioning.
and you know I was determined to win them so I kept pushing dh to raise his numbered card.
Do you like the place where I hung them, in our formal dining room?
You might have seen this cause I showed it in the kitchen on my Met. Monday post. It's a Pickard bowl.
Here is a lot of 4 lace tablecloths with a whole bunch of various shaped and sized linens and lace doilies.
Here are a few of the doilies spread out.
Well, that's it folks! That is all we won and took home. There was a gorgeous bronze set of drapery tiebacks and rod holders that came all the way from France that we started placing a bid on. I would have died and gone to heaven if we won them. But since I still want to live so I can keep on blogging, I adviced dh to stop bidding. LOL! I hope you enjoyed my post. Thanks for coming!


KBeau said...

Hard to pick a favorite, but I really think I like the espresso cups and saucers. Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I would say you did very well and what's better you had a great time. All the items are treasures to love and to cherish. I love auctions and go when ever I can.

Have a happy blue Mon.


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh Christine, you did win some absolutely gorgeous items. I know you must be thrilled, they are all just beautiful. I don't know how you would every pick a favorite. Sounds like you had such a great day, how fun. Congratulations on your finds. Hugs, Marty

Blondie's Journal said...


You reallt made off like a bandit at this auction! Everything you won looks beautiful in your home.

I can't help with the Napoleon cups but I can ask my husband tonight, he knows quite a bit about Napoleon & his army. It is a shame you can't find out more about the items you are bidding on, or even buying at an antique store. I am always at a loss on the value of things I want. Maybe I should watch Roadside Antique Show more often!! :-)

I love your lace linens & doilies. I always manage to pick up a handful wherever I go. How can you have too many? And they are better quality and less expensive than anything new.

Glad you had fun!!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Wow Christine,
Your auction finds are lovely and especially the lamp. Great Met Monday too, i love the look of your dining room and I like both of the tables and chairs. Cindy

Anonymous said...

Christine,this all is beautiful.I especially love that lamp.VA VA VOOM.Well done.I love everything...Ann

Rue said...

Hi Christine :)

Beautiful winnings!! Would you believe I've never been to an auction? They look scary and I would fear being yelled at for not bidding quick enough LOL


Tomarie said...

Oh my goodness C!! You made a HAUL...and a beautiful haul at that!! I love EVERYTHING!! I adore the lamp...and the expresso cups...oh they are so pretty! I am seriously coveting all your beautiful lacy treasures too!! WOW!! :-) L~

Justine said...

The lamp is especially gorgeous, but where do you put all of this stuff? how big is your house?

Justine :o )

Helen said...

OHHHHHHH ... I need to find me a wonderful antique auction!!!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Christine, these are all so beautiful! I thought that lamp was a beauty, and then you turned the light on, and it is gorgeous! And those framed plates are so pretty hanging on each side of the mirror. You did good, but you always do! laurie

Silvia said...

oh my! you got some really great stuffs,my fave its the bowl its got beautiful colors .i've never been to an auction before i would love to go someday...thanks for coming by my place...silvia.

Lady Katherine said...

I love the yellow lamp! The dishes are all pretty. The lace cloths are too! Did you know Flowood is not but 20 miles from my home? You were close by! lol

Lady Katherine said...

Hubby reminded me Gold Coast is the old part of Jackson, everyone use to stay out in the old days. Not much left of it now. I still love to go over the old river bridge a little farther down, from the Auction. I am about 35 miles from there, I used to live about 7 miles from there, when we lived in the city.

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hey Girlfriend...

Ohhh did it again!!! hehe! I mean, you hit the jackpot with so many pretties! Your new lamp is just gorgeous and I love where you put it on that beautiful table/cabinet! Of course, I think my favorites are the Limoge porcelain cherub pictures! They're precious and so beautiful to the sides of that big gold mirror!!! You did great, Girl!!!

I also really enjoyed seeing the many transformations of your kitchen dining area...I love your new rug, round table and chairs! It looks so different than when you had the rectagular table in that it! And WOW...dining and television...just doesn't get any better than that, my friend!!!

Love ya,

SmilingSally said...

I've never been to an auction, but clearly, you are an expert!

Susan @ The Good Life! said...

Sorry, I can't pick a favorite! I would love to watch you in action!
The cups, Antoinette and King Louis (sp?) is that them maybe? Let me know. Thanks!

Cindy J. said...

Wonderful treasures again Christine! Oh that lamp is so beautiful and the plates and the lacy pretties, but the Napoleon tray and his court..oooh I like those.. Love, Cindy

lvroftiques said...

Oh Christine you scored sooo many treasures!! The slag lamp is beautiful! I collect those too *winks* And the serving set with Napoleon is wonderful! I'm guessing the woman is Josephine and the other is possibly Lafayette? Just a guess though. But those limoge plaques took my breath away!!! Oh girl I LOVES them!!! Good for you for "making" them include them! Lol! And the little ballerinas sure are hanging with some exhaulted company! *winks* Love Vanna

Nicole ~ said...

You won some really pretty pieces, but my favorite is the framed Limoge porcelains. They are so sweet. I think they look good in your formal dining room.

Chandy said...

Such beautiful winnings! Great job, Christine!

Hugs and happy Tuesday!

OCDesigner ~Athella said...

Christine Your yard looks wonderful...Your friends look fun
(still sad you didn't stop by on your way to the Grand Canyon)
and your shopping find leave me green with envy! ~Love ya Athella

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