Monday, March 9, 2009

Antique Auction Winnings

Last Saturday, dh, my mom and I went to the Gold Coast Antique Auctions in Flowood, MS. While my mom just sat there patiently occationally dozing off, we had a great time especially after winning some items that I really wanted. This was one of them. I really like the pale yellow (it feels like shell or capiz) tiffany style bronze lampshade.Here is how it looks with the light on.
I am not sure which one is my favorite. It's a toss b/w this, the lamp, and the third item. Which one is yours? Anyway, below is a Napoleon Bonaparte porcelain tray set with 3 expresso or demitasse (not sure which one) cups and saucers. Do you know who the other 2 people are on the other cups? Calling! You can click on the pictures to see the details. I was eyeing on this last month when we went to the same auction place but they did not put it out for bidding. This time, I gave it to the girl who works there and asked if she could include it in the auction. I told her, I hope the price does not go up too high. She assured me that it is very expensive and it might go up. Hmmmp! That got me really nervous! But I think we got it at a very reasonable price. We got it for $150.00. Do you think it's worth it?
You can see the pictures on the cups better here.
Do you see my new ballerina dancers? I bought the figurine from Vanna. Isn't it a beauty? If you want to see the other items that she is selling, go to You have to act fast because they go fast.
Here's another one or a pair of my favorites. They are framed Limoge porcelains. I saw them hanging in the store and they weren't even going up for bidding either. But, I pulled them out of the wall and asked one of the employees to put them up for auctioning.
and you know I was determined to win them so I kept pushing dh to raise his numbered card.
Do you like the place where I hung them, in our formal dining room?
You might have seen this cause I showed it in the kitchen on my Met. Monday post. It's a Pickard bowl.
Here is a lot of 4 lace tablecloths with a whole bunch of various shaped and sized linens and lace doilies.
Here are a few of the doilies spread out.
Well, that's it folks! That is all we won and took home. There was a gorgeous bronze set of drapery tiebacks and rod holders that came all the way from France that we started placing a bid on. I would have died and gone to heaven if we won them. But since I still want to live so I can keep on blogging, I adviced dh to stop bidding. LOL! I hope you enjoyed my post. Thanks for coming!

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