Monday, March 30, 2009

An Old Brass Box and Three Scarlett O'Hara Domed Dolls

It's Tuesday so it's Three or More Tuesday Time sponsored by Tam at Please join me in visiting Tam and other 3 or More participants.
For today, I will share my 3 Scarlett O'Hara dolls. They are all enclosed in glass domes. I got them from Ebay about 2 years ago. Aside from what is written under each case, I don't know much about them except that I like them. Plus living in the south makes me want me to have a little touch of Gone with the Wind.
Scarlett's Bethrotal
Scarlett's Flirtations
Here's what written under the case
Scarlett's Deception

Thanks Tam, for making this event possible. I hope you enjoyed my Scarlett O'Hara dolls.

Being a Tuesday makes it a 2nd TimAround Tuesday also, which is sponsored by Diane at Please join me also in visiting her and the other 2nd Time Around participants.

Last Saturday, dh and I went antiquing dowtown. John likes to buy expensive stuff but I like to find bargains. I saw this for $9 and I added it to the stash of goodies that we bought. The cashier carefully wrapped them all and John looked at the receipt and paid. When we got to the car, he asked me what did I buy for $9 and I told him. He said he did not want to ask the cashier thinking she might have given us a discount on something, LOL!
I placed it on my side of the bed's table.
Do you like it there? I do!
Thanks again for visiting! Now, let's go see the rests. Thanks, Diane for this nice event.

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