Sunday, March 29, 2009

Metamorphosed Wedding Gown and Our New Blues

I used to hate Mondays when I was still working. But maybe if I was already blogging then, I might have looked forward to Mondays if Susan of was already hosting Met Mon. like now. But that was past and this is now and I do not hate Mondays anymore. In fact I am excited when the new week arrives. Please visit Susan's popular blog and check what she transformed today and check out all the other changes in Blogland.
If you have seen my very first blog, it was about my daughter Rochelle's wedding last Jan, 2009. And you all know how expensive weddings are so we try to do what we can do on our own. Anyway, Rochelle fell in love with this Bradley Mischka gown but she could not afford it. She asked me if I could sew it for her but I told her it would not be easy since I am so far away that she wouldn't be able to try it on while I work on it.She found this very plain and simple affordable gown. She noticed that the cut on the top is a little similar to the one she liked. She asked me if I could add the crystals and beads to make it look better and I was pretty sure I could.
So, what do you all think? I sewed the beads and crystals, one by one, by hand, while watching TV and chatting on the computer.
Rochelle really liked it. My other daughter Tina, could not believe I made it. She was impressed.
And here is Rochelle wearing the gown on her wedding day with her daughter, AJ, .
It's also Blue Monday, hosted by Sally at Come and join us and show your blues and check out everybody else's blues! Start with Sally's and then, go through her list.
DH tried to take off on Wednesdays or at least, he tries to come home earlier. And he was able to come home early this past Wed so we went antiquing downtown. And look what I found for $20, a Staffordshire flow blue tea pot and it is in perfect condition.
When I saw this, I immediately went to him (we usually browse separately) and told him I found something that I know he will like.
And I was right so it came home with us. I don't know if you already know but he collects eggs and this Sevres piece is egg shaped. I won't even tell you how much we bought it for but I can just say that we are good citizens and were able to contribute to the economy again. LOL!
Isn't that an angelic face?
We bought more items but they aren't blue so these are all I am showing right now. It was another fun and successful shopping day.
Happy Met and Blue Monday to all! Thanks to Susan and Sally for making this day an enjoyable one! Now let's go visit the others.

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