Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Triple Post: Wedding Crafts, Crabbing for Outdoor Post and Salvador Dali on Our Walls

It's Wednesday and a lot is going on in Blogland. I decided to get busy so I can join 3 of the events. I hope you don't get tired of my post because it is kinda long. I will start with Wordless Wednesday, hosted by Dixie at http://frenchlique.blogspot.com/, so I can rest my vocal chords since I will be doing a lot of talking later. LOL! Please visit Dixie's blog and check out what she is being quiet about today and then visit everybody else who are participating.
For my contribution, I would like to share all the crafts that I created for my youngest daughter Tina's wedding. I sewed the 3 flower girl gowns from scratch, made their hair dresses and baskets, made the coin and ring bearer's pillows, created all the bouquets, corsage and boutonnieres, birdcage for cards, centerpieces (2 kinds: roses on tall vases and candle lanterns) and wedding favors. (ooops, forgot to upload a picture). Now, I can keep mum!

Thanks Dixie, for allowing me to participate on this one.
Now, for Outdoor Wednesday, hosted by Susan at http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/, I would like to share our crabbing experience in Florida. Please visit Susan and all the others who are participating and let's all have an outdoor fun!
My hubby John, and his daughter Heather and I went to the Anclote River one summer. At first, the crab just kept getting away but after a while, I got the hang of it and I was scooping out those babies left and right. John and Heather did not get a lot. They need more practice...LOL!
but they got to pose with the ones I caught:-)

Here they are!
We steamed and ate them. Yummy!
Thanks, Susan, for hosting this fun event!
Wanna see more? I promise this is the last, LOL! What's on Your Wall Wednesday is hosted by Barb at http://gritsglamour.blogspot.com/. You've got to visit Barb and enjoy her blog to see all her neat ideas of transforming simple items creatively and enjoy her home decor. She is a very talented Southerner.We have 2 originally signed lithographs by Salvador Dali (1904-1989), a Spaniard artist who experimented with nearly all known media from sculpture to literature to painting. We have both of them hanging in the game portion of our family room. This particular one is titled "Mad Tea Party". There are 500 of these and ours is #273.
Here's his signature.

This one is more rare. There were only 50 made. It portrays Don Quixote and his sidekick. I kinda like the colors of the other one better, don't you?
Here's the signature.
Thank you so much for your visit. I hope you enjoyed my post even it's too long.
Thanks again Barb, for hosting this event.


Susan said...

Happy Outdoor Wednesday Christine! I enjoyed seeing your crabbing pictures...looks like you all had fun! And aren't you talented ...making all those wedding items!!!
Thanks for sharing your photos.


Deb said...

Wow, you are great 3 posts in one and all very interesting! Good Job!

Melissa Wertz said...

Yum! y'all caught dinner! Happy Outdoor Wed.!

Dixie said...

Christine... love your wedding crafts and those dresses are darling... the children are just beautiful...

best part of crabbing... eating...

I love Dali's art... I've never seen these two pieces... love them!

blessings. Dixie

dana said...

What beautiful wedding creations!!!
How fun that 'crabbing' looks--I've never done that, but I'll bet I would enjoy it!
How awesome--those signed S. Dali lithographs!!

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday! Dana

Cindy J. said...

Christine dear you are a blogging Queen! You are always amazing with all of your skills and talents. I am missing you! Love, Cindy

Candy said...

Precious children and lovely dresses. Fabulous fun times outdoors, and pretty picture.
Happy Wed, Candy

My Crafty Little Page said...

Crafting and crabbing!!!! Awesome.
And a signed Dali. Doubly awesome!


Really Rainey said...

That looks like an interesting way to go crabbin! What fun!

Blondie's Journal said...


You can make your posts as long as you want, I will never get bored following your adventures!!

You amaze me not only with your creative talent, but the fact that you did all of this lovely work while you were in the midst of planning your daughter's wedding!! Isn't the mother of the bride always on the verge of a nervous breakdown?? Such pretty handiwork! (applause).

Crabbing?? Sounds like absolute fun and what a cool way to spend a hot day. I've never heard of this river, is it local to you? The crab sure looked like good eats! Is this like dungeness crab? If so, I love it! :-)

Your Dali pieces are beautiful. How nice to have something valuable that you can share...I'm not extremely familiar with all his work but these two are lovely.

Thank you for 3 great posts, I think you covered all the bases and as always, they are informative as they are fun!!


Sherri S said...

Your handywork for the wedding is just gorgeous! The crabbing looks fun! And Yummy! The artwork is breathtaking.

Jill said...

Happy WW!
You have a busy Wednesday going on here! :) I love the dresses.. they are beautiful and the kids look great. Love all your pics!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

first I love your dresses, the corsages.. so beautiful then I am so hungry by just looking at the crabs.. those crabs are YUM!.. hehehehe what a good combo!.. hehehehe

Light and Voices said...

I never went crab fishing. Those crabs sure had my taste buds a going. BAM! Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

debbie said...


Cynthia said...

You are very talented! I can't believe you made those incredible flower girl dresses, I just love them. And your the best crab catcher to boot! Your hubby is lucky to have you, Cindy

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

christine, wow..3 posts in one.. and I was lucky to get the one done..lol..the dresses are just beautiful..the children darling..looks like you and John had a great time..your pictures are remarkable...hugs ~lynne~

carolinajewel said...

3 in 1! What a bargain! :D

I am in awe of the things you did for your daughter's wedding! The pictures are gorgeous and you are very talented!!!!!

I love crabbing. It is fun for the whole family and then a delicious meal!!! Camping on the Chesapeake Bay one summer we made crab corn chowder with fresh crab and fresh from the field corn and it was so good!

Lastly, how wonderful to have 2 signed Dali lithographs! I do like the colors in the first one best! :D Jewel

KBeau said...

Looks like you've been busy. I especially enjoyed the crabbing pictures. It's so much fun to be outdoors when the weather is nice.

Honeycombmama said...

Beautiful color on the dresses and love the florals that go right along with them. Have a great day!
Gina Jo

Bo said...

Hi Christine...you could have another career as a wedding planner! My goodness you are one talented lady...what a great post this was today...enjoyed everything! ;-) Bo

marty39 said...

Christine, another great post. YOu always make them so interesting. I love the wedding preparations with all the bouquets, dresses and hairpieces and centerpieces, my that was a lot of work, and you are so good at it all. The crabbin just looked like really good fun. And they look so good to eat. Your art collection is stunning from the pieces that I've seen. Just lovely. Great post!!!Hugs, Marty

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

What a beautiful job you did on those dresses and other things for your daughters wedding, I know she was very happy, you are very talented .Your crab hunting was just to cute, Its looks like it was a fun day.
What beautiful art, I thought the first was more colorful and pretty. Thank you for sharing.

Smilingsal said...

You are a talented and courageous woman to do all of that GORGEOUS work for you daughter's wedding!

I love, love, love crabs!

What a collectible that picture is.

ann said...

Lovely.Only I wish you'd have shown what you did to her wedding gown.Love it all as usual...ANN

Domestic Designer said...

Love the wedding pics. My daughter is getting married soon so I always am looking for ideas. Have a great day.

Leah said...

stopping by for wordless wednesday...wow! you are so talented! those dresses, flowers are all so beautiful!!!


Great posts! Your work w=for the wedding was WONDERFUL! You are such a busy girl...love all the posts!

Lori said...

Great posts!!! You are very talented... I just love seeing everyone's pictures...

Charlene said...

Wow you had a busy Wednesday. The crabs looked wonderful. Wish I was there to eat them. I think I may play in What's On Your Wall next week. Thanks for stopping by to visit me.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Woo! Loved this post and all you shared today.
How incredibly talented you are. Love the wedding attire and accessories.
Crabs!!! I love crab! What a fun day that looked like.
Lovely prints!
Have a great day!!!

ellen b. said...

Good morning Christine. From the looks on your faces crabbing looks like fun. I love those shots! Happy O.W. to you.

Chandy said...

Christine, you have so much fun where you live! Or go! Crabbing is what I want to do this summer, do they have restrictions there? Please share and I'll start making arrangements, gotta use those free airline tickets...

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Christine, You're so talented! Loved the post! Crabbing looks so fun. Great artwork too! ♥

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Christine, your WW is just great. How talented you were to do all of those gorgeous creations for the wedding☺

Anonymous said...

I have never been crabbing. I have been crabby though I try not to be.
Bet they were yummy.

Kathy b

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I've enjoyed this post so much. The wedding was gorgeous, Christine!!

I love this post of different events! Beautiful!

mbkatc230 said...

Great post Christine! I just love all of the things you made for the wedding, and those dresses are beautiful. You are really quite talented. The crabbing looks like a blast (funny we were just talking about crabbing at work earlier) and a delicious outcome. And the Dali's, now you know I'm going to love those! Kathy

Chari said...

Hey Girlfriend...

Ohhh my...what a wonderful post! You just keep up the good blogging, I for one always enjoy it!!!

Girlfriend, you just did an outstanding job on all of your daughter's wedding projects...everything turned out so beautifully!!! She's so very blessed to have such a creative and talented Mama!!!

Hehe...love the crabbing photos! Yummmmmmy...they looked delish!!! Looks like ya'll had lots of fun!

Oh my...to have signed lithographs from Salvador Dali...fabulous!!! I totally agree with you about the beautiful array of color on that first piece!!! So beautiful!!!

Well my friend, I didn't comment yesterday on your antique fireplace skirt (eeeks, is that what it's called?) Anyway, it's so fabulous and french!!! I just adore it!!!

Hope that you're having a wonderful Wednesday, Sweetie!
Love ya,
PS...thanks so much for stopping by today and for all of your sweet comments!!!

lvroftiques said...

Christine you are truly awe inspiring!! I'm sooo serious!! Girl you can bring home the dinner fry it up in a pan.....sew the clothes... decorate...arrange the flowers...paint a picture of all of them! And all whilst chatting on the computer and helping us to solve our problems!! Girl I've said it before but you are SCARY!! *winks* Lol! Is there ANYTHING you can't do???!! And all that on top of being one of the absolute nicest in blogaritaville!! I am giving you a standing ovation my friend! Vanna

JudyBug said...

Gorgeous dresses!

I so miss living in New Orleans and getting the fresh crab to boil. Yummy!


Kathy said...

What beautiful creations! I can't believe you made all that for your daughters wedding - you must have nerves of steel!! You are a talented lady. Everything is gorgeous.

SILVIA said...

hi Christine, great post!.
can you please , please tell me how do you find the time to do it all, you are so talented and i bet a lot of fun to be around...xx..silvia..

Nicole ~ said...

You are so good at everything!! I love everything you made for your daughter's wedding. You were one busy lady!!

Tracy said...

What beautiful little flower girls! You made lovely dresses and the bouquet is gorgeous!

Beth at Aunties said...


First thank you for your sweet comments on my blog.

All you made for your daughters wedding were gorgeous!!! You are so talented.

I enjoyed your crabbing adventures. How fun to live and be where you are! Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


howard said...

What a fun post! The crafts -- wonderful -- you are very talented! and the crabbing looks like great fun. But -- oh my! -- the Dali lithographs! How lucky are you? Fantastic!!!

nikkicrumpet said...

WOW you are very multi-talented. The things you made for your daughters wedding were spectacular. I loved how cute the kids looked! The crabs look yummy...but I'm not sure I would eat them if I had met them when they were still alive lol.

Anonymous said...

Great photos of you all crabbing...looks like lots of fun...thanks for sharin...Kathy

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