Thursday, March 26, 2009

OMG! What a Sight To Wake Up To!

The first thing I do when I get up is go to the home office, which adjoins our bedroom, and open the drapes. And that was no different this morning. This is what I saw. I got so excited and I called John and grabbed my camera. He looked through the bedroom window while I took these pictures from the office. Four deer and they were all stationary and just stared at us. We had a storm last night, rained all night and we still have an overcast so I apologize for the fuzzy pictures. I am also taking all these through the window. I know they will run if they hear me open the sliding doors. I love our deer. We have been lucky because they never bother our flowers and plants and they just look so gentle.
Isn't she just the prettiest thing against the hot pink azaleas?
I also apologize for the weeds and the long grass. Our lawn guy comes to cut every other Wed. but did not show up yesterday because of the rain.
I think the weed flowers are pretty in the pictures anyway! They make the scenery look more natural. LOL!
Then, they moved towards the front yard.
I ran to the dining room window to follow them. They crossed through the neighbor's yard.
There they go!
And then they were gone! It's been an exciting morning and I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I couldn't wait for Outdoor Wednesday to show them to you.

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