Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's on the Back Porch and Growing in Our Yard Now and Friends for 42 Years

It's Outdoor Wednesday so we get to enjoy the outdoors. Susan at http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/ is hosting this fun event. Make sure you go visit her outdoor post today and visit everyone on her list of participants.

I already put my post together last night and then I saw these birds in one of our neighbors front yard, on my way home this morning. I just had to add it.
Sorry for the blurred photos but I was driving while taking them.
Now, to show you what's on our porch......does anybody know what kind of plant this is? John's stepmom gave it to me when we visited them in Pensacola. She told me what it is but I forgot. It has the prettiest flower.

I bought this plant in a long bag and I just hung it on one of the porch posts.
I love this cone shaped planter. Isn't it pretty?
The fountain is right outside the home office so I like to keep the sliding door open to hear the rythmn of the trickling water while surfing and typing away. I get to see the birds chirping and feeding too. It is so relaxing!
This Rosemarie smells sooooo good!
Do you see the peach trees over there? They just started blooming. The red azaleas just started blooming too. The pinks have lots of buds in them and should open anytime soon. The whites are always the late bloomers. This is my view from the office,
Yesterday morning, I heard a lot of birds chirping and singing. I looked out and there must have been hundreds of birds that were flying above me. It almost looked like the backyard had a ceiling of birds. I quickly grabbed my camera but they all flew away and I did not catch the big flock but there were still a lot perched on the oak trees, which I noticed are starting to grow leaves on them. Do you see the birds? You can click to see a bigger view.
I was also amazed at all the pine cones covering the pine trees. They are so pretty!

Thanks, Susan, for giving us a chance to show off our outdoor pictures. I will be visiting every one else's posts now.
And now, for Wordless Wednesday. The theme for today is "Friends".
Wordless Wednesday is sponsored by Dixie at http://frenchlique.blogspot.com/. I am very excited to show you my friends from College. There are 8 of us who have kept in touch (thanks to the internet and emails!) We have always been very close since our first year of College. We often had sleep overs in our home in the Philippines. We all graduated from the Philippines with a Bachelors degree in Medical Technology so we are all Clinical Laboratory Scientists. Three of them continued to take up Medicine so we have 3 doctors in the group and there is no need to worry about getting sick during our reunions. We are from all over US and one from Canada and we meet every year now, no other family members are allowed because this is when we act silly and do not care what anybody else says. We just have fun, fun, fun! Our reunions are always a blast that's why we always look forward to the next one.

Thanks to Dixie for hosting this event and for picking a great subject! Now I am off to check out the other participants. Care to join me?

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