Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can't Wait for a Caribbean Meal and a Sequel (maybe should be a Prequel) to Bunny Story

Whoohoo! It's time for my favorite play day! Yep! It's Thursday again and you know what that means! Susan of is hosting another Tablescape Thursday. I am so excited because hubby has been playing along with me! He picked some of my accessories.

We are sailing to the Western Caribbean soon so I was inspired to do a tablescape with a beach theme. Now, don't forget to click to enlarge the pictures to see all the details of my very detailed centerpiece. I elevated one fish on a woodcarved box we bought from the Roatan Islands on one of our past trips. I thought it was perfect since it has fish, corals and other sea creatures carved unto it. All I am missing here is a fish net but I would rather see the fish out on the loose.

So glad the pelican isn't seeing the fish or they would end up in his mouth for sure. I borrowed a long grass I have in my foyer floor vase and stuck them in a crystal vase with sea glass, to add some greenery.
I used my silvery gray sequined placemats because I think they mimic the sun shining brightly on wet sand.
I think my robin blue dinnerware works well with the beach theme and color and so does the blue dotted flatware. The dots serve as water bubbles. I forgot all about these starfish. I found them under the bathroom sink while I was looking for something to stuff the vase to keep the long grass

from falling to one side.
I took our glass cannister filled with
shells that we have collected from Florida and the Caribbean over the years, from the bathroom.I found this set of napkin rings in Baton Rouge. They were $5 plus 30% off. They were all tangled up and I thought they were curtain rings at first but they looked interesting so I added them to my shopping cart. While scrounging through a drawer yesterday for napkin rings, I spotted the little shells and pearls on the rings. Doesn't the other items look like seaweed and the other stuff that gets washed away into the seashore?
I am not sure if there are dragonflies on the beach (I think I have seen some!) but I think these dragonfly place card holders are cute so I used them anyway.

Isn't my pewter Salt and Pepper cute? I told ya I like pewter! The one on the left holds white sand before it gets wet and the one on the right is wet sand.
A shell candle holder.

I hope you enjoyed my contribution this week. I certainly enjoyed playing. What do you think I should add to the menu. Jamaican jerk chicken with mango salsa? Mmmmmm, yummy!

Thanks Susan, for another fun day!

Yesterday, for Wordless Wed, I posted my granddaughter, AJ and her bunnies. Since it was a wordless event, I hardly said anything. But I got a lot of questions from commenters and Dixie suggested I do a follow-up on the post. So, here it is!

It was pretty funny cause when I was still living in FL, I often go to the porch every morning. I screamed so loud (even the neighbor heard me!) because I saw what I thought was a mouse on the floor. My nephew (who was staying with me at that time) ran to my rescue and I showed him the mouse. He thought it was a funny looking mouse cause it had no tail and had long ears. LOL! We then looked in the rabbit cage and saw more babies. One of the babies fell out of the cage and that's what I saw. There were 5 but only the 2 below survived.
Aren't they just the cutest and fluffiest baby bunnies? AJ's parents would take her to my house cause I would take her to school and the first thing she would do was check on her baby bunnies. The bunnies stayed in my home cause her mom is allergic to them and they did not have a yard to put the cages in since they were staying in a condo.

When we moved to MS, I asked Rochelle, my daughter and AJ's mom with her stepdad now to move into my house so they could keep an eye on it.
AJ already have 3 adult bunnies. The stores kept calling them dwarfs when we bought them but they all grew up big and you know what bunnies do when they are together, right? They actually do 2 things: do that and poop. We couldn't tell who the male nor the female was so we kept them in separate cages to stop having more baby bunnies. So, we had 5 cages for 5 bunnies. It was a big task cleaning all those cages. John worked in another city then and was on call 24/7 so he could not come home and help me clean the cages. We just visited him on weekends. I was getting tired cleaning the poop out of their cages. I was also working full time then.
When the movers came to move us, (AJ was in school), one of them started petting the bunnies when he saw them. I could tell he was an animal lover. So, I asked him if he wanted one. He was so delighted cause he has an 8 year old daughter who he wanted to surprise. Then, I asked if he wanted two. LOL! So these 2 baby bunnies (not too small anymore by then) traveled in the big moving truck all the way from FL to MS to KY (where the movers live). I gave the guy 2 cages and I told him to keep the bunnies separate. AJ was upset of course but she just could not take care of all those bunnies without me around. It's better for her and the bunnies in the long run. Shown below is my hubby and the bunnies when the movers arrived in MS. He was so excited to see them!
Hope that answers all your questions. And now you know the reason the bunnies stay away from my vegetable garden. The bunnies are in FL (2 in KY now) and the garden is in MS.

Thanks for coming by. Now let's go visit the others!

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