Friday, March 6, 2009

I am Tired but the Trip Must Go Cozumel, Mexico

I have been so busy this week, preparing our income tax return, blogging, raking the yard, planting and gardening, cleaning and rearranging the kitchen since we just had a TV installed above the fireplace and today, I went on a whole day shopping spree with my friend. Tomorrow, we are going out of town and going to an auction on Saturday so I don't have much time to go on a tiring long trip. I hope you don't mind going on a cruise instead, so we can relax a little bit. Let's go to Cozumel, Mexico! I must have been there at least 5 times so these pictures will be a combination of at least 3 cruises, on Carnival Inspiration, Carnival Glory and Carnival Legend.
How about just relaxing and enjoying the sunset for a while after eating sushi? This particular photo was taken on the Inspiration. With me on this cruise was dh John, AJ and her dad, Marvin.
Here is one of my favorite entrees for dinner. Yummy! After seeing this, I am ready for another cruise.
Here is cruising on the Legend with my college friends. We are from all over US and Canada but we organize and meet for a reunion (just us exclusively, no hubbies or children allowed :-)) once a year now, used to be every other year. We started this in 2002, 32 years after graduating from College. Oh no! Did I just reveal my age to you? LOL! We all have so much fun together. There's never a dull moment, we always have a blast!
and here's cruising with my granddaughter AJ (of course!) on Carnival Glory. My daughter, Rochelle, AJ's mom, came along on this trip also, together with my brother, some friends, my nephew and my mom.
There's Cozumel!
It's mostly a shopping area, lots of silver jewelry and souvenirs to be bought. Also, some precious gems like diamonds, tanzanites, emeralds, etc.
Mexican dancers welcoming us.
There's my daughter, Rochelle and her daughter, AJ.
My nephew, Valiant and my mom with me. Doesn't my mom look good? She will be 91 years old this coming July!
Here's the gang! One of my classmates was unable to attend. She had appendectomy the day before the cruise.
eating in a colorful Mexican Resaturant.
AJ swimming at Playa Mia Grand Beach.
I can't believe I let AJ talk me into parasailing! They would not allow her to go because she is too light by herself and John couldn't go because the 2 of them would be too heavy so that left me and somehow, I agreed to go. I was so nervous and tense, can you tell? This picture was taken when we were almost down. We were much, much higher than this and when I looked down, all I could see was this wide body of blue water as far as I could see. I was thinking and deciding what to do in case AJ falls. Should I jump after her? And that thought really scared me cause I wasn't going to let her fall without trying to save her and I just knew we would both drown in that case since I am not a strong swimmer. And whenever a gust of wind would come, we would sway and the chains holding our seats would start squeaking and it made me so nervous. I kept screaming while AJ kept laughing enjoying every bit of it. LOL!
I thought I would relax but thinking about that experience again just made my heart start pounding...LOL! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this short trip. We will go somewhere more exciting next week, I promise.

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