Friday, August 20, 2010

King's Tavern and Favorite Floral Finds

Wow! Another week went by so fast again. Let's go on a trip and have fun! How about a different kind of trip, maybe a ghost tour? Have you ever taken a ghost tour? I do not know why but I am always fascinated by ghost stories even though they scare me.

But before we get to that, let's show off our pink and a few of our favorite things. Beverly wants us to visit someone we have not visited before and I went to see

The name attracted me to it because I like mermaids but to my pleasant surprise, I really enjoyed the blog too. If you have a chance, go and visit the site. You not only get one poster but 3 intelligent, beautiful and creative ladies named Debbie, Jennifer, and Shelley, who are best of friends.

My favorite things for today have pink in them so I am rolling Pink Saturday with Favorite Things. Pink Saturday is brought to us by Beverly at

and A Few of my Favorite Things is hosted by Laurie at

I have a very exciting announcement! I rented a space (actually enclosed in a room), a little over 10 x 11 ft., inside a store, which is located on the same block where most of the antique stores are downtown. It still needs to be cleaned and painted but I am getting stuff ready by labeling and putting prices on them. One thing I like about this is I do not have to be there. The owner will sell my stuff but she does not collect any fees. I just pay her a straight rent for the room. I will tell you more about it next time. Wish me luck please!

I bought the floral covered server below from Marshall's when I was in Chicago about 2 weeks ago. I thought it was really cheap, on clearance for $7. I packed it in the suitcase and was so happy to get it home in one piece. The lid says "Flowers Feed the Soul" on it.

Then, I saw the tea pot set last weekend, while looking for stuff to sell in my future shop with the intention of selling it. The problem is I like it so much that I am having a hard time parting with it, lol. I guess I'll keep it for a while and sell it later if I can let it go.

Don't you just love the raised flowers on both of these? And of course, a lot of them are pink.

It is so funny trying to walk around the house looking for items to sell. I found a really tall crystal Princess House vase which I do not use and I told my hubby I will sell it. He said No, he likes it! LOL! I think I will have a hard time getting rid of anything.

Ok, now on to a ghost tour. Have you ever heard of King's Tavern? It is the oldest building in Natchez built in the latter 1700's and it is located downtown. It was owned by Richard King, a prominent man at that time.

In the 1930's, workers tore off the chimney wall to expand the fireplace and discovered skeletal remains of 3 bodies, 2 men and 1 woman and a jeweled dagger on the floor. It is believed that the woman could be Madeline, the owner's mistress. The story goes that when Richard King's wife found out about the affair, she had Madeline killed and bricked into the fireplace. No one knows who the 2 men were.

Here is King's Tavern taken from outside. It is now operating as a restaurant and bar.

There is my stepdaughter Kerri, posing outside at night. Do you see the orbs on the building and bigger ones in front of the tree?

There are several paranormal activities reported happening in the tavern. Workers have reported hearing a baby cry. It was believed that in the 1700 when the building operated as a post office also, a mother was trying to comfort a crying infant. Then a big guy named Big Harpe came. The mother thought he was going to assist her but instead, he grabbed the baby by the feet and threw the baby into the wall killing the infant instantly. While the mom picked up the infant's lifeless body, the big guy went back to the bar to order another drink. Do you think the cry is coming from the ghost of the baby?

Here is Ashley, my daughter's friend who came with her when she visited us 2 years ago. We pretty much take everybody from out of town who visits us to see this place.

That is the fireplace where they saw 3 dead bodies in the chimney wall. The picture of a young lady above the fireplace was found by someone who was cleaning the attic, I think. It is believed that it could be Madeline, who by the way, has been thought to be the one responsible for most of the supernatural happenings in the tavern to this day.

This is a bedroom upstairs that used to be rented by travelers along the Natchez Trace. Nobody rents it anymore. Maybe because the staff says that if you look at the mirror of the dresser, sometimes you will see a reflection out of a corner of your eye, on the mirror. People always try to feel the bed also because a lot of people claim that they feel warm spots on certain part of the bed no matter how cold the room is, as if someone was just lying there. That's my son in law feeling the bed.
Notice the big orb in front of the armoire?

Below is the careful, you might see a reflection in it!
We take out of town guests here but believe it or not, I have never gone up to that room. I am afraid to. I just stay in the restaurant downstairs where there are a lot of people.

The furniture are really old. From the 1700's maybe?

I never go to the bathroom here either because I have heard stories that people see a reflection of a woman in the mirror especially if you are applying lipstick. Staff has also reported pots and pans just moving and flying around in the kitchen without anybody touching them. Madeline is believed to be a very mischievous but harmless ghost so they just kinda ignore her and employees just keep doing their normal thing.

Shadowy apparitions can be seen sometimes passing through the stairs, doors open and close on their own, water faucets and lights turn on and off by themselves, jars have fallen off of shelves, water has been seen running from the ceiling when they could not find any leak in the roof or floor above, chairs hanging on the wall can be seen rocking sometimes.
Madeline is also believed to be responsible for leaving footprints over freshly mopped floors
My sister and niece are posing below, right outside the King's Tavern door.

I hope I did not scare you. Thanks for coming along another trip. And thanks to our hostesses, Beverly and Laurie for another day of exciting memes. Don't forget to visit them and see their other participants exciting posts.
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