Monday, August 30, 2010

Where Do I Blog?

Kate of is having a "Where Do You Blog" party and I thought it would be fun to join and show you where I also blog. Please visit Kate to see everybody else on her participants' list where they all blog.

As for me, I usually do it from our home office using my desktop computer. I have 2 laptops (hubby has 2 laptops too, lol! And yes, we are computer crazy!) but I prefer blogging using the desktop because it is a lot faster. Besides, I am able to watch news on TV at the same time.

I love this all in one Sony Vaio computer. It's big, a little over 20 inches and really fast and no tower to mess with. It also has slots for memory sticks and SD's so I can download pictures easily.

I was so happy to find this swivel and adjustable chair. I put my legs up so it is important for me to sit on a chair with a big seat and no side rails because the rails hurt my thighs.

I also have a small Vaio laptop that I use when I want to go double time in leaving comments. Do you think I am a fanatic blogger? LOL! All I have to do is pivot my chair to the left and there it is. The Dell behind it is my hubby's. That is his side of the desk.

The home office is very conveniently located right outside our master bedroom, so it is the first room I go to after I get up.

I like it here because if I just turn my chair around, I can relax looking out.

When I want to watch a DVD or when my hubby wants me to watch TV with him in the family room, I take the little laptop with me and just blog there too.

I either lay the laptop on the recliner's arm rest

or on the end table.

I do have a good view here too.

Sometimes, I extend the leg part of the recliner and squat and blog from here too.

Thank you Kate for allowing me to share with you where I blog. Now I am off to see your other participants.
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