Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Secret Wild Side

Summer should be ending soon but it is still very hot here. Before all the leaves from our trees fall and make a mess on the yard, I would like to share what have become of my secret garden, which is on the wilder side of the property. We keep the gardens surrounding the deck clean but the gardens that are a little farther from the house are left more natural, and that includes the Secret Garden.

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Do visit them and enjoy lots of enjoyable summer photos, creative mosaics and beautiful transformations.

Below is a picture taken of the Secret garden, which is located behind the pool deck last spring. You won't see this space unless you go right on the edge of the deck or in the gazebo and look down. Notice the azaleas were blooming then.

This is today. The azalea blooms are gone, of course. They have been gone long ago. In fact only a few flowers are still now thriving but the area is covered by greens. You can see a canna near the tree which was blown by the wind and rain 2 days ago and the hostas.

I still have tiny pink and white flowers. I can never remember what they are called. At least one of them is a gaura, I think. I also have purple heathers that are in bloom.
I don't ever run out of places to sit in our garden. Sometimes, I just sit on the ledge of the deck with my feet hanging down unto the secret garden just enjoying the surrounding.

It rained all day and all night 2 days ago, which was the schedule for the lawn guys to come so they weren't able to clean the yard this week. They only come every 2 weeks so sorry for all that overgrowth.

The sweet potato vines have been growing like crazy.

It's not very colorful anymore.

I didn't even get to clean the bricks. The rain washed the soil into them.

The parrot plants finally bloomed. Two of the picture in the mosaic are views of the terracing garden from the top.
I told you, the sweet potato vine is growing everywhere.

I would like to show you the orchids in the gazebo. All three of them have buds coming out. As of last week, there was only one. They really like the climate in the gazebo.

And the vine that climbed up the gazebo have lots of little purple flowers. It is really shaded here now.

The plants below are on the other side of the secret garden. Does anybody know what those purple berries are? They were purple flowers before they turned into berries. They look pretty but they look poisonous, don't they?

The fig tree is bearing lots of fruits.

And look at our promeganates! I was so excited when I saw them.

This bouganville is outside the fence in the driveway. I placed it there to conceal the wet deck equipment from the driveway. It's blooming also. Another plants that are blooming are our lantanas. I forgot to load a picture of them.

Do you see the white roses behind the fence and the yellow petunias in a hanging basket behind the bouganvilles?

I could take more pictures of more plants and flowers but I think this post is already too long, lol.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and thanks to our gracious hosts for these wonderful memes!
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