Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy 13th Birthday, Ashley!

Today is my oldest grandchild's birthday, AJ.

Sorry, AJ, I am late in posting this but we just got home from a trip to Charleston, SC. But I want to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope this is just one of your many more fun birthdays to come with lots and lots of blessings. Sorry, we could not be with you today but you are always in our minds. We love you very much!

I can hardly believe it but she became a teenager today. I can still remember the first time we took her on a trip with us. She was 5 and we went to Hawaii. Since then, it became an annual ritual that we would take her on a trip with us during her school vacations.
She comes to visit us every summer and loves to swim on the pool. She picks up the frogs whenever she sees them because she is afraid that they will drown.

It is not all vacations for her though. Unless she is on a trip, she serves during mass every Sunday.

This girl is not afraid of anything. She climbed the rock while we were sailing on the maiden voyage of Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas on Dec, 2009 and yes, she reached the top and rang the bell.

She did ziplining too while on that cruise but I wouldn't do it, nope not me! LOL!

The next month, we went to Destin to meet her parents so she can go back home with them and she zip lined there again.

This was last year, summer of 2010. I was still a few inches taller than her.

I noticed a big change on her during our cruise this past summer, June, 2011.
She is a young lady now. She fixed her hair and dressed up all by herself and she was always in the bathroom playing with my makeup, lol.

This was taken then too and I was still a few inches taller than her.

We took her to see the chains used on the slaves that are still displayed here and she would not look at them. She did not want to imagine what those people had to endure but I told her it is just part of history now.

Playing doctor at John's clinic this past summer.
Aj is going to be a big sister to twin sisters very soon and she will be a very big help to her mom in taking care of them. Just look at how much she loves to take care of her little cousins.

We went to Florida 2 weeks ago and I was amazed to see that I am only about an inch taller than AJ now. We are almost as tall as each other and I am sure, she will overtake me by next year.

Happy birthday again, Tweetie Pie! I hope your day is going wonderful and I hope that even though you are getting older, you would still want to spend your summer vacations here and still come on trips with us. We love you very much!

Thanks to you all for coming by and helping us celebrate my granddaughter's birthday.
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