Sunday, October 2, 2011

Front Porch in Autumn, 2011

I did not think I would be able to post tonight because we just arrived from Pensacola and I had to unload the vehicle and unpack, and then my internet service was not working. It finally just came back on so I decided to go ahead and post our front porch. I took the pictures before we left last Friday. I created this basket by just adding some fall colored leaves and flowers and inserted a few pumpkins and then added a small witch and a word saying "Wicked".

Our house is elevated on a hill so I had to go down a little to be able to take a photo of the front porch.

This is the left part. I bought the red wooden tool box for $6 from the other vendor at the store and filled it with more fall stuff and candles.

This is the center.

I added some pots with mums to make it more welcoming. The orange ones are not even open yet.

This is the right side with 2 rockers. I placed a white pumpkin on the table and it lights up at night.

I had the gardener plant the yellow lantanas last Wednesday. I am eventually going to have the Asian jasmine taken out from the front of the porch and replace them with more colorful plants and flowers.

Janie of Blondie's Journal gave me this jug when she and her hubby came to visit over a year ago. Love it, thanks again, Janie! It moves in the house a lot and I decided to take it out for this fall.

Here's another pumpkin that lights up. I think these orange mums will be so pretty after they completely open up.

I love the bright yellow mums!

I added this faux pumpkin that I just bought from our Pensacola trip this weekend on the table. It lights up too. I like the little witch window.

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Thanks to all our hostesses!

And thanks to y'all for coming by!

Hope you are enjoying this cooler weather.
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