Friday, September 30, 2011

Junking in Roxie

Roxie, such a pretty name but don't let that fool you. There is nothing there. But we'll get to that in a little while.

BI got this pretty beaded choker with yellow rhinestones from there.

It's Saturday again so it's time to show our lovely pinks and also time to have fun either sightseeing, shopping or attending any special event.

My pink contribution is this 2 tiered server. I like the pink roses on it and I also like the reticulated and lacy edges. If you want to see some really lovely pinks, go visit Beverly at

A few weeks ago, John and I went to Roxie, which is about a half hr. away from where we live. Just like I said, there really isn't anything there but there is this one store of which the owner, Cecile, has a booth in the store where my booth is, was having a sale that particular day. Cecile's mom used to operate this store for many long years when she was alive and Cecile inherited everything after his mom passed away.

You really have to be patient and look closely because there are treasures hidden among the junk, which is quite overwheling in such a tight space.

I started gathering what I wanted to buy. Cecile always works with me on the prices so don't mind those labels. That monkey was tagged $10 but I got it for $5. Do you see all the stuff that he is selling? You really have to be patient in looking around.

Here are all the stuff that I bought. All the jewelry boxes, I bought for $2 each. I brought home 4 lamps plus a fairy lamp. I spent $92 for everything. The teal glass candlesticks holders were $3 for the pair.

The ink well needs to be cleaned. Cecile said it came from Korea. I think I can make it pretty after dissolving the rust and polishing it. I plan to sell most of these in my booth.

These 2 lady boxes were $2 each. It looks like they are staying. They are already on my bed side table.

I like this butter churn. I might keep it. It was $7.

Isn't the flower girl sweet? She is a Mallorca and I bought her for $4. The fairy lamp was $3. I think I will keep them too. I was going to sell most of these in the store but it looks like I am keeping more, lol. I will sell the 3 lamps but keep the hobnail milk glass. Cecile forgot to add the needlepoint frame in my invoice so he just gave it to me for free.....such a nice guy!
I like this Victorian courting couple lamp but it's not the right color for our house so I am selling it at the booth.

This Gone with the Wind lamp is perfect except it needs to be rewired and I have just the right guy to do it, Mitch, our electrician. I just need to buy a lamp kit which costs about $6, I think. I bought the lamp for $20.

I love this monkey. He was $5. Doesn't he resemble a Majolica? he is quite tall too. It has a signature underneath but I couldn't make anything out of it. I am keeping this guy too.

I hope you enjoyed your virtual shopping. Thank you very much for coming and thanks, Beverly, for hosting another fun pink day!
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