Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mantel Copy Cat

This is an old post but I would like to link it with Debbie's Magazine Copycat Challenge meme.
If you want to see more, go to http://debbie-debbiedoos.blogspot.com/

This was how our mantel was accessorized before.

I was looking at a Veranda magazine when I came across a picture that I was attracted to. I set it aside with the intention of copying it someday and that someday happened this morning.

The picture from the magazine is on the left side below and our mantel after I transformed it is on the right side. I left my little lamps on either side even though the picture I was copying did not have lamps on the mantel.

I even moved our lion throne chair closer to the fireplace like in the picture. What do you think? Do you think I captured the look?

Do you see one of the egg urns on the left side of the floor. There is another one on the other side too.

This bust used to live in our grown ups guest room. At first, it was in the children's guest room but it was freaking AJ out when she was here so I moved it, lol. Don't you just love her face?

How can anybody be scared of her?

I love her hat too. I found her from one of the other vendors in the store and she was only $15. I paid $4 for her hat.

These pair of Sevres urns were on each side of the fireplace. I placed them on the pedestal tables on each corner of the room as you enter the living room. They are quite large. The bulky Sevres eggs that used to sit on the tables were moved to either side of the fireplace.

I tried to put this bust on the mantel at first but it is too small. So I just placed it on the pedestal in the other corner. She is wearing a real gold necklace with a crucifix and a pearl necklace I bought from Hawaii a long time ago. With her is another Sevres urn, a smaller one.

And here is my newly decorated mantel. I like it, do you?

I saw this bench from an estate sale in Brookhaven that we went to last Saturday.
It was the last day and everything was 25% off and we got this for $45.00. I believe it is a vanity bench.

I placed it above the reindeer skin that I bought from Norway, to hold my tea set for now. I have not decided where to put it permanently yet. I might even sell it in my booth.

Today I am using it to serve my tea.

Using Noritaki Nippon Toki Kaisha tea set.

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