Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Bar is Open!

We have been having 3 days of rain due to tropical storm Lee so I kept myself busy indoors.

We have a little bar accessible from the kitchen with a pass through window to the family room.
We have not been using it except when we run out of ice in the frig, just to get ice from the automatic icemaker.

Since I have an over abundance of tableware and glasses, the bar counter had become a dumping ground and storage for them.

So this was "Before"

I cleared the counter a little and this is "Now".

Even the sink looked disgusting. It's not dirt, it's just tarnished.

I polished the sink and it looks much better now.

A Kahlua bottle and an old South wine with a jar of corks, sit on the left side.

I used to have a double globed hobnail lamp here but it was really too big for the space so I replaced it with this single globed lamp. I moved the other one into the guest room.

The pass through window from the family room.

Sorry I had to block the window but I could not find any other place to put our 2 ancient Chinese wedding chairs from the Qing Dynasty.

I keep a turtle night light there and I just leave it on all the time.

This was another "before".

Notice the many dishes on the kitchen counter back there? That's another story. We had a flood in the back hallway leading to the bedrooms, which damaged the floors and they have to be replaced so I had to empty the bookshelves there, the top of which was full of bowls and cake trays. So I moved them temporarily to the kitchen counter.

And this is "now"!

A Quimper barrel bar set and it has a blue frame.

Under the counter cabinet is not even big enough to fit all our glasses and stemware.

An automatic icemaker under the counter.

I think this little room is able to breath much better now, lol. I had a crystal decanter set on the counter top before too and I decided to sell it in my booth. Ihope you enjoyed the short bar tour.

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