Thursday, September 22, 2011

Flowers Still Blooming in The Garden

Our September lilies are blooming and they are so pretty! At least that's what our new landscaper/gardener said they are called. He said they only bloom in September.

There's our new landscaper, feeding the bushes. I am so happy we finally found one. I have not worked in the yard since we saw 3 snake skins and 1 live snake last month. But now that I have someone to work alongside with, I have more courage. The sage and forsythia are also blooming. I am not sure what the red ones are called but I think the ones behind the bench is a red salvia.

I wish the bird of paradise in the terracotta pot would bloom again.

This is the first time I noticed burgundy red specks in the center of the the sage blooms.

The lantanas are still blooming too.

Here's another one that I cannot identify but I've had it for a while and it always has those bright yellow blooms. I keep it in a pot and bring it in in the winter. Does anybody know what it is called?

Since we have someone to help me garden now, I bought more plants. After I paid the gardener last Wednesday, he asked me if I ever get tired, lol. He said I am full of energy.

I saw 2 big bucket fulls of sweet potatoes in the plant nursery and I asked the owner if I could have one. He told me to take 2 and they are huge! Such a nice guy!

I love these yellow lantanas and I want to plant them next to that plant with blue flowers.

Aren't these sweet potatoes just huge? They are very heavy too.

Here is an update. I just found out what my unknown plants are called. I am copying hundredsofideas' comment below, who was nice enough to give me the info,

"hundredsofideas ( has left a new comment on your post "Flowers Still Blooming in The Garden":

Your September Lilies are Lycoris radiata or Hurricane Lilies or Red Spider Lilies they bloom in the height of hurricane season...your little yellow bloom looks similar to a Crown of Thorns, does the trunk have many thorns? Love the bright red verbena too."

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