Monday, September 12, 2011

Me Time Tea Time

I have been too tired lately, too much going on, planning for several trips, helping my daughters plan for their unborn babies arriving soon, taking care of the toilet overflow flood issues, taking care of pipe leak at the bottom of the hill of our property that our neighbor kept complaining about. We thought it was from our sprinkler system but our sprinkler guy figured it out to be city water property. I called the city water dept. and they have been fixing it. One less worry for me, at least. On top of all these, John hurt his back by tripping on an elec. cord in the clinic. He can function as long as he is standing up but he has a tough time when he gets up from the bed and after sitting for prolonged time so we are both up and down at night.

Yesterday, I was creating something for my twin grandkids to be, my printer went on the blink. I was so upset that I could not complete my project and then I saw an ad from Office depot and saw that printers are not that expensive. So, I asked John to come with me and we bought a 4 in one HP wireless printer. I set it up all by myself and took me a while setting up it up for wireless but it is working perfectly now, finished my project and I am happy.

Anyway, I feel like I need some "Me" time today, at least this morning since tonight, I plan to connect John's laptop to the wireless printer network too.

I gathered everything I love, after all, this is all for me. I love orange, I love bling and I love flowers. So I picked a beaded table topper we bought from the Caribbean. Then I took my Bavarian Tirschenreuth teapot with pretty orange flowers and an Aynsley cup and saucer with a similar pattern and placed those on a tray edged with acorns.
I thought I'd have my tea in front of the computer so I can blog and read at the same time while watching news on TV. I always multitask.

I gathered all my reading materials, it's actually more browsing than reading so I don't need a lot of concentration....home decor catalogs and a table setting book. I even lit a candle for the ambiance and the fragrant smell. Since I installed a new printer (do you see it?) I did a little rearranging. I moved my art nouveau lamp and ink well here and moved John's desk lamp to his computer desk on the other side across from my desk. I keep my kids picture closeby too.

I told you , I multitask, watching news on TV, sipping tea, looking at catalogs and decorating books, searching for stuff on Ebay and blogging while playing Word with my nephew from California on the i phone.

I had Whittard of Chelsea's cranberry and raspberry flavored tea and my favorite snack, almond pecan blueberry nut clusters. Have you ever tried them? They are made by True North and I buy them from Walmart. They are soooo good! But I have to warn you. They are addictive and it's hard to stop eating them once you start.

Ahhh! So relaxing. I wish I could have more days like this.

Thanks for stopping by y'all!

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Deanna said...

You're my kind of blogging buddy....this multi tasking stuff is the way I get things done! It's a skill/talent for sure!

The orange is lovely.
I'm having a slow paced day,

Richard Cottrell said...

If you do not take care of yourself, who will? And who will take care of everybody else? Slow down, rest, enjoy. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Christine,
You sound like me because I'm a multi-tasker too. I have slowed down since the MD came upon me but I still get it done one way or another. Love your sweet teacup! It's nice to have a tea for one; enjoy! Thanks for linking up and have a lovely week.


Donnie said...

Wow, you tired me out on that one so I'm off to make a relaxing cup of tea and a'll have to look for those clusters.

Pat said...

Christine you and your family have really been having a time of it! It is definitely time for tea, which is gorgeous by the way!

Blondie's Journal said...

It's nice to treat yourself sometimes...after all you do for everyone else. This is such a beautiful tea, I'm sure it was relaxing! I love the pretty teapot and the nut clusters do looks delicious...but I'll stay away!! ;-D

Hope all is well with you and that John feels better soon.


Susan said...

Christina ,your tea time is beautiful and well deserved. I hope you enjoyed it to the fullest!

mississippi artist said...

Even when you are relaxing you tire me out! LOL! Pretty tea pot.I am thinking of getting a wireless printer-may have to get you to help set it up.

Traci said...

So funny! I'm reading blogs, watching Monday Night Football & playing Words With Friends! Hope you get some rest.

Dolores said...

You're amazing! You always get so many things done...

Orange is one of my many favorite what you've done....

Dreamgoddess said...

What a beautiful set up for tea time! I hope your "me time" refreshed your spirit.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a nice thing to do for yourself. I blog and watch TV or I watch TV and go through my magazines. Your tea sounds wonderful.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Christine I hope you sat and enjoyed that cup of tea and that yummy lookin goody!! But I'm just like you always multi-tasking and I never sit down! Martina

AshTreeCottage said...

Multi tasking is the only way I can accomplish my long daily list. Beautiful pics!

Susan and Bentley

Johanna said...

Hi Christine,
that sound like a hard day - but thats the ways, housewife days are often. I am sure you fixed and solved every problem. And right - don't forget to rest and to live. Your tea time is just thge right way to relax. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
Best greetings, Johanna

Amy said...

Couldn't agree more. Everyone needs some me time and tea time! :) You sure are busy there! Good that at least the leaking issue belongs to the city. (we had one not long ago and had to re-piped the whole house, not fun at all). Anyway, good to know you've got some time to relax and enjoy. Can't wait to welcome your grandkids. :)

Bella Vista Cottage said...

Christine, your teacup is lovely. Hope you had some good me time. Everyone needs that. Hope John feels better.

Hugs, Barb

Terri said...

Hello Christine, I am sorry to hear you have a number of issues right now, and hope that your husbands back heals soon!
You are making a healthy choice to take time for yourself and your tea is a good start. Your tea pot is gorgeous as well as the tea cup and saucer with the beautiful flowers on it.
Thanks again for sharing your lovely home with us.


Christine you have a beautiful place of your own where to pamper yourself and indulge with everything you like, sorrounded by the pictures of your loved ones! I have my space too, but when I redo my entire bedroom will share with! Lots of hugs. FABBY


Oh, I forgot, Christine, the pretty orange shawl is definetelly YOU! FABBY

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

so very elegant! The colors here are amazing. You need to take care of thing at a time and I always say it is life before blog not blog before life! hugs

Lady Katherine said...

So pretty! Yes you are mulit-tasking! lol But relaxing too! I do miss it! Miss visiting too, but here at store/cafe to late at night. Hoping soon I can. Many medical decisions to make but for now, I saying no, until I have time to think. lol I have a wireless 4 in one, I love it! My camera will not download my photos I should not have let three men touch my computer. lol I got to go to Vicksburg for grandparents day, and another day here for the other grands in the country. I had lots to share. Got fix this camera problem. Love the fabric, the dishes, the book! Oh the book! lol The Tea is wonderful! Tell John Hello

Kathleen said...

Good for you setting it up by yourself! I think I want to get a wireless printer too. But just with 2. Ink cartridges. Is that what you got?
Poor John! Hope he feels better soon!
Twins! How wonderful!

Kathleen said...

Yeah! My iPad crashed and I just got it back. I just finished setting it up AND I could finally leave a comment!

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