Monday, September 19, 2011

My granddaughter AJ's Bedroom

We just arrived from a 3 day visit in Florida to see the kids. It was a very short visit but we packed a lot of activities within those days. It was hectic especially because the kids are all scattered, but really fun. Tina drove 2 and 1/2 hrs. with her 3 boys and Kerri flew in with her husband and 3 kids from West Palm to join us. John and I had to split because although Rochelle, Jed and Heather all live in the Tampa Bay area, Heather is still about an hour's drive away so John stayed with her and I stayed with Rochelle, just occasionally all meeting in the mall and for dinner and brunch.

It was like home away from home because Rochelle and I did a lot of redecorating and you all know I love doing that! This was AJ's room before but she was so nice to give it up for the coming twin girls because it is the biggest room after the master. This room has a nice lake view from the window and it will be relaxing for Rochelle to rock the babies there when feeding them.

They decided to keep the underwater mural but painted the walls purple and mint green and added chair rails and moldings to make it look more feminine. We are not done decorating the room because the 2 cribs are not in yet so I will show more of that next time.

But AJ's new room is done. They splattered different paints on opposite walls and painted the adjoining walls with coordinating solid paints. Kinda funky but cute, lol!

I slept here because Tina stayed in the guest room with her boys, so I felt like a teenager again. I moved a few things around. The floor settee was by the window and I moved it to the other side of the bed and I moved the bean bags near the window and moved the end table closer to the bed.

We got her a new dresser for her birthday. It doubles as her desk too. I took pictures before I folded her clothes nicely in the drawers. Sorry!

Love these pillows!

I created a little seating area with her bean bags and a little flower ottoman by the window.

Oooops, I forgot to show the wall opposite the window but it is painted a hot pink like the bed cover. Or is it that aqua blue? OMG! I cannot even remember, LOL!

I think they need another pillow saying "OMG", don't you think? LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at my granddaughters' rooms.

I am linking with the following parties although I am late for some of them because we just arrived home last night.

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