Friday, October 28, 2011

Shopping in Charleston and Fall for Pink Sat.

It's Saturday so it's time for Pink and Sightseeing Saturday! Beverly of is hosting Pink Saturday but today, we can post Fall photos to welcome the season.

My home is welcoming you all. Happy Fall y'all and Happy Halloween!

And so the Charleston saga goes on for Sightseeing Saturday. Today, I will take you along shopping with us. This was next block to the hotel. The hotel occupies the whole block so I should say, this is diagonally right across it. Although Forever 21 is not an antique shop, this is the antiques row. The first antique shop we entered had this pair of iron planters with acanthus leaves in front. I wanted to bring them home. They will look so nice on the front porch.
There were a lot of nice things inside but we could not afford them, too pricey! I thought the plate holder in the center below was very interesting and unusual. I looked at the price and I was shocked although I cannot remember now how much it was exactly, either high 100's or low thousands. I like that secretary too.

I would really have so much fun creating tablescapes with these.

So much eye candy here!

Even John enjoyed browsing in detail.

I want that china cabinet on the left.

Exquisite furniture all over.

John has always been wanting to have stand up desk just like this but I always discourage him because I would not know where to put it.

Ok, that was enough antique shopping. My heart could not take it, lol.

These baskets were sold everywhere. They were making them right there. This was outside the market plate but more were for sale inside.

Our next target was on the other side of the hotel which is the more modern downtown.

I told you, the baskets were all over. Everything inside this shop is tax free because it is a non profit organization.

We get tired of walking and every now and then we sit and buy food. We had a bento box at a Japanese restaurant below.

And then we went shopping again. There's John at Pottery Barn hauling what I bought.
He is such a good shopping companion, because aside from pushing me to buy whatever I want, he offers to carry them for me.

We passed by an Apple store and this was right after Steve Job's passed away. They had a wreath in his memory. It was pretty touching.

This market place was right in front of the hotel so I would go there while John was at the meeting. I had so much fun just walking around while doing a little shopping. The second floor is Confederate museum and I feel bad because I ran out of time and did not get a chance to visit it. I guess we took it for granted because it was right in front of the hotel and we kept saying we will go there "later".

We spotted a fun store selling natural rocks.These salt rocks have a night light inside them. We already have one in the house in the family room but we bought another one for the bedroom. They are supposed to have healing powers. Maybe that's why I have so much energy:-)

Just look at all of these! I had a ball just touching each and everyone of them.

Here is my rock collection at home where I added what we bought, which is kept on one of the end tables in the living room, on top of a Meissen compote. I bought the coral at the Jewelry Convention here in Natchez a few weeks ago.

I love the different colors, amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, jasper, coral, turquoise, lapis lazuli, etc., etc. etc.

Thank you so much for stopping by and going on a virtual shopping trip with us.

And thanks, Beverly for hosting!

I am having a girls sleep over this weekend because John is going to FL to visit his daughter and meet his newborn grandbaby. I am afraid to be home alone so I asked my friends to stay with me and they very kindly obliged. It should be fun!

I decided to stay behind because I will be away from home for a while in the coming months, when my daughters' babies are born, to help them out.

I hope you all have a nice weekend!
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