Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cotton Field and Snake

It's Wednesday so it's outdoor fun day! Thanks to Susan of http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/ for making this possible. Please visit her and her participants to see and enjoy amazing outdoor pictures.
Have you ever seen a cotton plantation? I haven't, until we moved to Mississippi. Last week, on our way home from shopping, we passed by this cotton fields and I took pictures so I can share them with you.

Isn't the sun peeking through the trees so pretty?
Also last week, we had a gardener working in the yard. I saw him walk towards the office where I was blogging to show me this. Eeeek! I hate snakes!

But anyway, don't you think I took a beautiful picture? The snake was small but very aggressive. Sorry to all you snake lovers out there but I had to have him killed because I think he is venomous. See the triangular shape of the head? What do you think he is? My best guess is a rattlesnake.

I hope you enjoyed my outdoor contribution for this week. Thank you all for coming by and thanks Susan, for hosting this event.
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