Thursday, October 15, 2009

High Cotton Cooking School

For Foodie Friday this week, I would like to share pictures of when we attended a cooking school class and dinner at the High Cotton in downtown, Natchez. It was a fun experience and most especially because it was free for us. We were a part of a team who were invited by the hospital to help them entertain a female physician and her family who they are trying to recruit to work here.
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This was our menu for that evening. It was a seafood cooking.
Just look at this huge kitchen with the best appliances.
They also had a store with the best selection of kitchen stuff.

While waiting for everybody and for the class to start, we feasted on crackers with creole crawfish dip. It is the best dip that I have ever tasted but I tried not to eat too much to leave room for more food that was coming.
This is serious business, me and John complete with our chef outfits, lol! Don't we just look like prefessional cooks?
with my friend Nit.
Here is the family we were entertaining. They were a great family and I know they will fit in really well in our community.
Before helping out in the kitchen, we all had to wash our hands first,
Our first lesson was how peel and devein shrimp.
Everybody was so serious following what the instructor was showing us.Here, the owner was showing us how to pluck the salmon bones. The salmon was really fresh, all flown in directly from Hawaii. I hope the instructors weren't annoyed with me cause I kept taking pictures, lol!
Grilled Tasmanian salmon....Yummy!
The table was all set for dinner.
The menu
Patiently awaiting for the food to be served after we all took part in preparing it.
Roasted red potatoes and asparagus.
Barbecued shrimp over grilled Gambino's French bread.
Crab cakes over baby arugula with Creole remoulade
Tasmanian salmon with smoked Poblano Fraiche served with roasted red potatoes and asparagus. The smoked poblano peppers really added such a great distinct flavor to the salmon.
And now for the best part: the dessert, Bananas Foster flambe' topped with Cajun ice cream.
I tell ya, it was worth the wait that is why I forgot to take a picture before I started devouring it, LOL!
If you are ever in Natchez, I strongly recommend for you to try this wonderful experience. I think our guests really enjoyed it too because I heard that she signed a contract. I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures, although I am sure it would be more enjoyable to actually taste and eat all that food.
Thanks, Gollum for allowing me to share this unforgettable experience in Blogland.


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Christine, what a really fun experience. The food all sounds and looks sooooooo good. I know you had a wonderful time. So glad she signed the contract, I sure would have. Hugs, Marty

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh my yumm!

How fun and you two do look very professional in your chef's attire!

Blessings & Aloha!

(thank you dear friend for stopping by! I know what you mean about loving that our kids get along so well and have a great time cracking up together :o) I laugh, just being around them! :o)

Michelle, All Home and Love said...

That looks like so much fun! Love the chef coats!

Haden News said...

I love cooking classes! This one really looked like a good one. What a great menu--thanks for sharing!

Cass @ That Old House said...

It all looks delicious, and what a FUN way of entertaining and "recruiting" a new doctor! Lovely pictures, lovely story!

susan said...

I bet the contract was signed on the spot! My son and I have done the Viking cooking school here and enjoyed it so much. Your photos are great.

Candy said...

What a fabulous experience. And you do get around...I saw you two at a luncheon with the Magnolia Belles. Great pictures of your, so cute.
Sure wish I could be a taste tester!

Tara said...

It looks like all your efforts paid off in some yummy food! It looks like it was fun too!

Really Rainey said...

Hi Christine, I love your new blog dress its adorable... And your header is fantastic! What a fun party! I would have loved something like that! Looks like you and Hubby had fun~

Have a wonderful weekend!
~Really Wicked Rainey~

Unknown said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of fun! I love the menu too. I hope the doctor decided to stay!

a quiet life said...

free and fun, doesn't get any better then that!

Mary Bergfeld said...

After all that effort I'm so glad she signed the contract. Everything looks wonderful. I hope you had fun too.

Barb said...

Hi Christine, what a wonderful experience for you. This looks so inviting!!!! I adore cooking.

Barb ♥

Unknown said...

What fun! If you ever do it again, tell the owner to turn a mixing bowl upside down, then place the salmon on it the rounded bottom bo the bowl... this makes the bones much easier to find.


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

This looks like so much fun, Christine!! Glad it all worked out and the doctor will be working in your community.

Great post!

Lady Katherine said...

Christine, yours and John night looks so fun, what great food! You both had a big day that day, the drive here and back and all the work preparing the food. I think you both look great in the chef coats! I think you earned them! I be going in to the hospital for my pic line Monday and then home and until Wednesday morn, then to another hospital for surgery. Just wanted to stop and say Have fun while I am gone. I have had a lot of emails about the luncheon, I have been giving your blog address out to them and saying your going to host the next luncheon. Its cold here, I think we need to go to Florida! lol

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

That looks like so much fun - the cooking and the eating! Are you now preparing these dishes at home? laurie

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