Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Pedestal Tables and Blue Jewelry Casket

These 2 pictures have been added. I just wanted to show you how the top of the table looks like.

It's Met and Blue Monday hosted by Susan of and Sally of respectively. For more interesting metamorphoses and gorgeous blues, go visit them and their other participants.

You might recall me showing you this pair of Sevres egg compotes a while back for Blue Monday. They are too big that I had a hard time finding pedestal tables to fit them so I just left them in the dining room floor.

Last week, I finally found 2 tables big enough to accomodate them. They are 21 inches in diameter. I placed them in two corners of the living room. I gave the tables to John for an anniversary present.

How do you like them? Here is the other one.

I would also like to show you a blue Sevres porcelain jewel casket with bronze ormolu.

It has painted flowers inside.

It is sitting on the side table of the living room.

I hope you enjoyed my little contribution for today. Thanks for coming.

Susan and Sally, thank you for hosting yet another fun event.

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