Monday, February 22, 2010

Bookcase in the Hall

I would like to announce that Marty of has taken over hosting Tabletop Tuesday. Please join Marty and help make the event a success. I am joining her first week's hosting takeover. To see many inspiring tabletop vignettes, go see Marty and her participants. I am also excited to join Miss Mustard Seed at for Furniture Feature Friday for the first time. I think it will be a meme I would love to join regualrly since I have a lot of favorite furniture. Don't forget to visit her blog and see lots of beautiful furniture.

For a starter, I would like to share this bookshelf. DH and I spotted it while browsing through an antique shop downtown. The shop was being moved to another location so they had a lot of their items marked down considerably. We saw this big book cabinet and fell in love with it, especially the ladder. Dh always wanted a bookcase to keep his books together and I wanted one to hold a lot of my knick knacks. We tried to think of a place where we could put it because we really did not have any more space for any more furniture. Then I thought about this hallway. It is wider than usual hallways, in fact, I used to have a settee there. We took the measurement of the bookcase and went home to measure the hall wall to see if it would fit. And wouldn't you know it? It would fit perfectly! It was meant to be! So, we bought it and there it is now. I store the ladder on the side when it is not in use just so it wouldn't be in the way. After all, this is a hallway, even though hardly anybody ever goes to the back rooms, except when we have guests.

I think it is perfect there because the home office entrance is located on the opposite wall.

There you see the ladder in place when we use it. The cabinet at the end of the hall is a gun cabinet but we are not gun collectors so I took the gun shelves out and had some glass shelves installed to display my doll collection. Maybe I will showcase that some other time.

I kept the gun shelves in case I want to convert it back when my wilder side takes over, lol.

The wood is mahogany and it is solid, very heavy. The ladder hooks into a bar and you can slide it left to right or vice versa. We like the dentil crown moulding.

There is a l ittle clearance on the very top where I keep large bowls and cake and serving trays that I rarely use.

The cabinets at the bottom is where I store my table linens such as table cloths, runners, napkins and placemats.

It has a pull out shelf on each side to use as tables or desks.
Do you see my blue and white Russian Tsar and queen vodka decanters below? I moved them from the bar. I think they are safer here. I shop a lot from these vignettes to use for tablescaping.

I sure filled it up pretty quickly. Sometimes I wonder where could I have kept all these stuff before having this piece of furniture. Pretty soon, we will have to move the books out of there. Actually, I already moved out a few but I had to keep some so I can keep calling it a bookcase. LOL!
Thank you for coming by. I hope you enjoyed what I showed you today. Thanks to our gracious hostesses for hosting these 2 fun events.
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