Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Share the Love at Laurie's Valentine Party

Weddings of 4 kids and a wedding proposal of 1.
Calling all the lovers out there! Come join Laurie's Valentine Party at and since I am sharing a Valentine tablescape, I am also joining Susan at I hope I don't miss anything because I am preposting this since I won't be here on the actual date. I will be enjoying my grandbabies (3 by then, I hope) in Florida. Although I can still blog while I am away, my photos are loaded in my big computer which is staying here.

How do you like my chocolate candles? They smell like chocolate too. Yummylicious!

I am almost tempted to eat them, good thing they are hot and I get burned before I could take a bite, lol.

Hmmm, I wonder if anybody ate some. What happened to the rest?

Heart salad and red dinner plates from Marshall's.

I couldn't decide which of the 2 I would use for the napkin ring so why not use both?

I got this frame idea from another blogger but unfortunately, I cannot remember who. If anybody remembers, please leave me a comment so I can give credit where it's due. I was originally going to hang the heart plaque at the back of the chair but I thought this is a better idea.

And here's where the other plaque went, in front of the fireplace. The driftwood box holds a set of dominoes. This is our game room, remember?

Isn't that a romantic sunset view? The sky kinda matches the glow of the candles.

Sheffield silver candlesticks.
The goblets are from the dollar store, for uh....$1 each.

The champagne glass with a red heart is from Walgreens. I bought a pair last year and they came with the heart tea light candle holders.

Do you like the wooden bird? I like how its wings are spread out.

Daytime view. Does anybody know how to clean glass with chlorine water marks? The polaris pool cleaner always shoots water into the glass and I have rubbed and rubbed them with glass cleaner but I can't seem to get rid of the stain.

My hula hoop area did not stay empty for too long. The emptiness was driving me crazy so I moved the 2 leather ottomans here, temporarily of course. Everything is temporary at our house because I constantly move stuff around.

For the record, I am still able to do my hula hoops because the hoop twirls higher than the ottoman. Yipee!

Hope you enjoyed the parties. Now let's go visit the rest of the participants by going to Laurie's and Susan's.

Thanks for coming by!

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