Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Nursery

Happy Valentine's Day to all my beloved friends!!
Since I am showing you a baby crib, this now becomes a quad post. To see some beautiful bedscapes and to get inspired, visit Karen at
I posted this blog entry in advance, before the baby was born. I just want to show you this update. The baby has been home since yesterday. It just shows how well he and mom are doing that they were released a day after birth.

Sorry the pictures are a little dark. I used flash only in the bottom left picture of the mosaic. You can see what happens, the baby squints and closes his eyes when I use flash and I can't catch his beautiful eyes.

Another week is starting and what better way to welcome it than having 3 (4) fabulous parties!

Blue Monday is hosted by Sally at

Metamorphosis Monday is hosted by Susan at

Mosaic Monday is hosted by Mary at
Go and visit these gracious ladies for incredible and amazing posts.

I am scheduling this post in advance because I know I will be busy by the time weekend comes.
I arrived in FL the other day to assist my daughter in caring for her 2 babies (2nd one is due anytime). Since the elder one is still a toddler, just turned 2 in Aug., he was still sleeping in this crib until a few weeks ago. He was moved into a bigger bed in the used to be guest room. My daughter and SIL only has 3 BRs in their home so they had to move the guest bed into the nursery. The first pic shows how it was when I arrived. I know they have been very busy preparing for the baby and it's been really hectic.

I did not like how the big bed almost just blocked the entry that I could hardly bring my 3 luggage (2 big and 1 hand carry) inside. I always bring an extra luggage for my shopping, lol.

From the moment I came I knew and they knew I would rearrange the furniture, lol.
This was my first attempt. I moved the dressing table closer to the door and moved the bed in an angle in the corner. They have a stereo system in the left side of the crib which my daughter said they will try to sell on Craig's List. I disconnected the 2 speakers and moved them to the corner and covered them with a baby blanket to serve as my desk or to place the laptop when I am done with it. I thought it was better but I wasn't completely satisfied.

I took a nap and when I woke up, I started going to work again. I moved the crib in the center of the wall and moved the bed closer to the window, this time with the head straight to the wall.

I like this arrangement better. It looks more relaxing to me and more room to move around.

What do you think?

They did not have to buy new beddings for the crib because they are having another boy.

Scott is pretty handy. He made the wooden fish on the wall to match the fish on the baby comforter, bumper and crib mobile.

As of now, my precious grandbaby is still in the mom's tummy but my daughter started having contractions as I am typing this tonight (Tuesday) so by the time this blog entry posts on Sunday evening, she probably would have given birth. I can't wait to see the new addition to the family. I will keep you posted .

Thanks for coming and thank you to our 4 lovely hostesses for these fun parties!
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