Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Birds, Skinks and Flowers

Happy Wednesday to all!

Have you ever seen a skink? I saw this little fella on our back porch 3 years ago. I think he is a very young one. He is really pretty with his black and yellow stripes and a blue tail. With his tail, he is approximately 4.5 inches long.

Well, last week, I saw this one on the pool deck. He is much bigger than the one above. It is probably around 8 inches long with his tail. He is not as pretty as the little one. They change in color but you can still see some stripes on him.

I was walking around the deck drinking my coffee one morning and when I looked down in the secret garden, I saw this thing which I thought was a snake. The head is a pretty orange. I would have run inside the house but I was way above him so I just kept observing him and took pictures.

Then he moved a little more forward and I realized it wasn't a snake but a huge lizard. I think it is an adult skink. He must be at least a foot long and I did not even see the end of its tail.

The next day, I saw this guy near the gazebo. It's funny that I do not see any of them for 3 years and then I see 3 in 2 days.

We see the green lizards all the time but usually, not these type.

Anyway, I know I have posted about the bird's nest and eggs in one of our hanging planter on the back porch before but I'll show you the progress.

They hatched and grew feathers.

Look at the beak and big eyes!

Last Easter Sunday around 7 PM, I heard lots of chirping in the back porch. So I looked and I saw 3 baby birds on top of the nest. I called John who was just about to take a nap and he got up right away to take a look. He was worried that they would fly into the pool and drown so he was watching them closely but they didn't even go near the pool. They pretty much stayed in the back porch, flying from one hanging basket to another, unto the potted plants on the ground and on the chairs and tables. I immediately grabbed my camera and took pictures. Sorry it is blurred but I was taking it in a hurry from inside the house through the glass door. I wonder what happened to the 4th one? I could have taken more pictures but the birds kept flying all over the porch. One even flew on top of the roof. I could not believe how well they already knew how to fly. It was so much fun to watch. Then the mom came and they were all chirping, talking to each other. It was really exciting!

Do you see 2 baby birds below? One is on the left chair and the other one is under the right chair.

Here is a close up of one. He has blue eyes! The birds are not sparrows but Carolina wrens.

They must have been excited about learning how to fly because they flew all over the place for quite sometime.

The next morning, they came back to play on the back porch again, at least I saw 2 of them.

Let me just show you more blooms and birds in our garden. Here's a dahlia.

Isn't this red necked woodpecker gorgeous?

Peonies, gaura and orange roses in the background on the left.


Not sure what type of bird this is. Do you know?


My tomatoes are starting to bear fruits.


These flowers are growing wildly in the secret garden. What are they?


The squash are blooming.

Confederate jasmines creeping up on the arbor

Before the area behind the arbor was cleaned.

This is "after".

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Thanks to our hostesses for these fun events and thank you all for coming by!


Gloria said...

Wow, you got a lot of great shots, especially of the baby birds! I love them! And the other colorful birds and your flowers were beautiful. But Christine: NO MORE SKINKS! I never saw a skink before, but I now know I hate them. I hate any type of lizard or gekko or anything like that, makes my skin crawl. So: No more skinks! Please? ;)

Kim, USA said...

In the Philippines I used to see lizard on the ceiling. When I see this makes me say eekkk!!!I think because I could relate them to the snake which I hate! But the birds so beautiful!! The one bird has all the feathers standing I think because of the mixture of excitement and afraid as they started to learned how to fly. All your blooms are gorgeous ours here in MI just starting to bloom. ^_^

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Christine, Happy Belated Easter to you! I'm trying to hop back in the saddle, and I wanted to drop by for a visit. Boy, am I glad I did!

Your yard is stunning, and it was so much fun to see all the birds, particularly the babies. I love spring, don't you? It's life renewing itself.

Lovely post! Your Mississippi garden is stunning! I'm crazy about your confederate jasmine climbing the arbor!


Sheila :-)

Debbiedoos said...

I can't believe all your flowers so beautiful! We had a pet skink for about 4 years. We gave him to a gentleman whos girlfriend was disabled and she wanted one. Cute birds too Christine, you really captured them nicely.

Lynn said...

Your plants look great Christine! You have tomatoes and squash blossoms and we haven't even planted in Philly yet! Enjoy:@)

Ricki Treleaven said...

I love it when you post about your garden :D It makes me happy!!!

PAINTORDIG.blogspot.com said...

Your mystery bird is a male Rose Breasted grosbeak, it is probably on it's way back from wintering in South America. The woodpecker is a male red -bellied woodpecker. I have never understood why they are named that-their belly is not red! Your Mystery blue flower is really a very invasive weed, that is VERY hard to get rid of- though some flower catalogues are selling it-like a wildflower, but it will take over!Your garden is beautiful and a wren is my favorite bird, they are so little and sweet.

lvroftiques said...

Christine your backyard is looking so beautiful and lush! And how wonderful to watch the baby birds take their first flights! Love the word skinks! *winks* I think they'd scare the poop outta me if one scurried my way, but they sure are cute for little lizards.


Gorgeous bak yard, oh my my friend, it's full of flowers and birds and lizards too! You must have so much fun been there and so your grandson, little boys love this kind of little animals, don't they?! Thanks for sharing the bird of the cute birdie, hon, so very cute! We have the most gorgeous birds here in Ecuador, this is bird watchers country...boy, I need to take pics like you!

Donnie said...

What a lovely place for the little creatures to live and learn.

Sue said...

Your yard look gorgeous and I love the shot of the baby bird...beautiful flowers. The lizards...creepy! I like the little bitty ones I see in Florida, but I don't want to see anything that looks like yours. They would scare me to death!

Unknown said...

I love all your photos, Christine. You have quite a green thumb, and the creatures surely seem to be at home on your property. Have a great week!!

Jane said...

Hi Christine! Your photos are lovely! I really like your bird photos...There's something about having birds in the backyard...
Not a fan of skinks...I see lizards all the time, occasionally a skink and a snake. This week, we had a bobcat sitting on the back step. He just wandered off to the neighbor's yard when he saw my huge dog. (Little did he know that my dog would probably ignore him.)
Thanks for sharing your backyard photos.

Kim, USA said...

Hi Christine check my blogs you are my 8th Featured Blogger ^_^ Congrats!

Kathleen said...

The flowers are so pretty, and we can't even plant veggies for 2 more weeks! The skinks, creep me out! We don't have those here. If they eat the mosquitoes, I guess they are good.
The baby bird is so cute!

Marlis said...

your blue flowers are agapanthas! enjoy them for they are really pretty. Love the little birds. Lizards, ooh, I have so much fear I'd hurt myself. Lovely post Christine!

Unknown said...

Everything looks so beautiful...I love me some squash! My poor garden can't even get finished around here because of all these storms...i'm afarid to even go look out there today from all the debris that's in my yard right now.....hope you all got passed over!
Have a great Wednesday :)

Old Time Cindy said...

I'm a nature nut and really enjoy the critters that pop up from time to time. Your garden and blooms are really beautiful!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You certainly have seen your share of animals.
Those skinks are different, I've never seen one.
The birds are so cute. Love the woodpecker shot.
Your pictures are so pretty and the color just pops!

Traci said...

That skink thing looks like a tiny alligator! My geraniums & begonias are looking great. The hibiscus haven't started blooming yet & the day lily's started this week!

Paula said...

Love the birds and your amazing flowers - but the lizard things give me the creeps! SO fun to see all your beautiful blooms! Paula in Idaho

Carla said...

What a feast for the eyes!!
I have never seen a large skink, usually I see a lizard and say "run-run" Run from dogs, cats, and especially kids. Great coloring. (mystery plant is a Spiderwort)

Tootsie said...

skinks...EWE!!! that lizard is gross!!!
birds....adorable!!! how fun to watch them learn!
flowers....outstanding!!! I especially adore that arch way!!!
thanks for linking in...I love to visit all the wonderful sights of everyone's gardens

Beth said...

Christine, This was a really fun post! I loved seeing the wildlife and flowers. The bird is a rose-breasted grosbeek (I think). We see them in our area rarely. Happy Spring!
Hugs, Beth

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