Friday, May 6, 2011

Border Imports in St. Francisville

Is it really weekend already? Well then, it is time to show off our pinks, some favorites and do a little sightseeing or shopping. I would like to link with Beverly for Pink Saturday at

and Laurie for a Few of my Favorite Things at

I found these Royal Stafford plates and soup bowls in Hedgerow pattern, at Homegoods when we went to Houston. Unfortunately, there were only 8 dinner plates and 3 soup bowls, but I really like them, so I bought them. As if I needed more plates, lol. But hey! I sold some white plates and bunny plates in my booth so I can justify buying more, right? They are made in England. Now, I am on a lookout for more pieces. They are mostly pink so they qualify for my contribution to Beverly's party. I also found this 2 tiered serving tray on Ebay. I really like the reticulated edges.

For sightseeing, let me take you to a garden store in St. Francisville called Border Imports. We pass by this whenever we drive to Baton Rouge. When my stepdaughter and her 3 kids visited more than a month ago, we went to Baton Rouge and on our way back home, the kids were getting antsy, so John decided to take a break from the trip and walk around this garden shop with the kids.

There's John guiding my mom and making sure she does not fall, with Zoe following behind.

They had potteries everywhere. This is where we bought our gazebo and the iron swing that's in my secret garden.

Does anybody want a dinasaur or ( is it a tyrannosaurus?) in their front yard?
It looks like he wants to follow Kerri home.

I love these gigantic strawberry planters. and I wanted to take this swing home but I already have one very similar.
But I really want this arbor with 2 benches. I will have to find a level place for it in the backyard. Isn't it pretty? What do you think, paint it black?

I think John likes it too.

Pretty Zoe with pretty Talavera pots.

On our way home, we took a turn just to check out what was in there. We passed by this stack of logs which were being sprinkled with something, maybe water.

I have never seen so many logs stacked up like that.

I bought 2 items from the garden shop. First is this iron candelier. I do not know if it is too big for my arbor but that's where I plan to put it. But if we decide to buy the other I showed you above, it will hang on that one. I will have to sand and paint it first. What type of paint should I use? Glossy or flat? Should I play it safe and use black paint or should I be more gutsy and paint it with some kind of a turquoise, aqua or robin blue color?

I also bought this planter basket. After I refinish and paint it, I think I will hang it on the brick wall in the front porch.
Thank you so much for stopping by and thanks to our hostesses, Beverly and Laurie. I hope you get to visit them also along with their other participants. Y'all have a nice weekend now

and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!!!!


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

What a fun trip Christine! Love those extra large strawberry pots too! Your new chandy is beautiful, I can't wait to see what color you decide to paint it! Wishing you a great Mother's Day-have fun:@)

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Christine~It's soo nice catching up with you. Looks like I've timed it perfectly to get a peek at your jardin treasures. I've had my eye out for an iron chandelier to hang from our pergola. I'm looking forward to see your reveal.

I enjoyed taking a look at your past post. You've got such a lovely warm and inviting home. I hope you'll share more of your decorating tips.

Sweet wishes,

Alycia Nichols said...

Totallty, totally, totally diggin' that candelier!!!! I foolishly sold all the beautiful ones I had in stock when I sold my store. Now I wish I had a couple of them back! :-( Looks like a fun family day!

mississippi artist said...

Wow I would be in heaven at that pottery place! You picked up some great treasures too. The kids look like they were having a great time.


What a pottery place Christine, wow! I just adore the Talavera pots, so colorful and elegant! You really got a hold of treasures, I can imagin how you'll use them, with your great taste and creativity! Love it!

Designs By Pinky said...

HI Christine! Thanks so much for coming by my blog, you always leave the nicest comment! I do love the metal swing and the arbor!!!! They really have some BEAUTIFUL pots!!!!! You asked about mowing the ajuga. It is in place of grass so after it blooms we mow it just so it is green (like a lawn)...LOL!!!! XO, Pinky

Lynn said...

Your new dishes are so Spring like with the flowers. You certainly found a very interesting place on your trip. My grands would love the huge dinaseurs standing around. Thank you for sharing and happy Mother's Day.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Christine, thanks so much for the prayers. I really need them right now. We found out today that another friend has died. Long story I won't get into now, but it's been a sad day.

I love the pieces you found at that shop. I got tickled about the dinosaur because we used to have a very prissy neighbor who was a yard nut, and Mr. Magpie used to tease that he wanted to buy this dinosaur from a putt putt golf place that had gone out of business and left the dinosaur behind. It was a hideous orange thing. He laughingly said he could hook it up with sensors and when loud joggers or nosey neighbors walked by, a sensor would turn the dinosaur on and make its eyes light up and its mouth spew water. That always made me laugh.

Happy Mother's Day to You...



The Quintessential Magpie said...

P.S. Then there was a hot pink gorilla that rivaled the orange dinosaur. ;-)

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OH do I love that pottery place Christine! Would I ever have fun there! YOu always find the neatest things too, love the bench!
Happy Mother's Day friend,

SavannahGranny said...

Good Grief!! I love that pottery place. Definitely you NEED that arbor. Yes, paint if black flat and paint the chandelier the blue color. You really do Need that arbor. I want to see it in place.
Thanks for stopping by my living room and thanks for you sweet remarks. I am honored that you like it.
Happy Mother's Day, Ginger :)

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Christine Sweetie...
What a beautiful share dear one. I love those plates. I am afraid I would have snatched them up as well. I will have to check our Home Goods store here and see if they have any. I'll keep you posted sweet one.

I love this beautiful visit to the outdoor store. I love all the pots and yard decor. How beautiful. You purchases were just perfect. I think if you purchase the new arbor, you should paint that chandie with a blue color. It would really pop and not get lost inside. You could have cushions with the blue color you choose as well. How pretty. Can't wait, I mean Mother's Day is tomorrow and John loves to surprise you. Keep me posted.

Have a beautiful Mother's Day sweetie. Happy Pink Saturday as well. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love the purchases you made. What a fun place to visit. Love all the pottery and that arbor you like is wonderful. Your yard just keeps getting more beautiful. Those Royal Stafford plates are so pretty. My china from my wedding 39 years ago are floral and I love them.

Regina said...

Wow nice pots. Great post Christine!
Happy Mom's Day and Pink Saturday.
Enjoy your weekend.


Sarah said...

Oh, I think a chandelier in some shade of blue would be gorgeous! Looks like you had a fun day!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

Richard Cottrell said...

Ms. C. happy Mothers Day. Love your new Ring. YUM! I love the idea about the book, I am going to check it out next. You missed my last post which was all about my table settings and china. Check it out!!!Richard at My Old Historic House

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Christine, what beautiful Summertime plates, and I love the tierd server too. That garden store looks like a place where I could spend a LOT of time! Your new candlelier and basket are fab. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful. laurie

lvroftiques said...

Christine I wish we had a garden store like this. That arbor would come home with me for sure! I wouldn't paint it at all. I like the weathered look of the metal...and it would be so perfect with roses climbing on it!
Beautiful plates too girlfriend. Did you find any more of them?... Oh and the dino looks like a brontosaurus *winks* How cute is he?! Vanna

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