Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rug Switching and Tabletop Rearranging

I have been busy these past few days again.

I decided to switch the rugs of the tea parlor (that's what I call it now) in the family room and the kitchen dining area. The Turkish rug in the family room is square and we used to have a square game table there, which I moved to the breakfast nook in the kitchen. John did not want me to move it then, because he thought they looked good together being both squares. But now that the table has been moved, I felt free to move it.

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The square in predominantly beige and peach Turkish rug has now been replaced by the predominantly rectangular red Persian rug that was in the kitchen.

I had Mitch, our handy man, add a piece of wood above this cabinet. It used to be very low and I had a hard time reaching it. And this is what used to display there. They sank.

This is after the plywood was added. I am storing some potteries, a crystal punch bowl and a beverage server. Basically, I am using the top for storage but I try to make it look decorative.

This is where the red Persian rug used to lay.

And now, the square beigeish Turkish rug lays in its place. I like it better here because it makes the area a little brighter since the furniture are mostly dark.

Before vignettes on the mantel and table.

After a few changes.
This was my Cinco de Mayo tablescape.

After I cleaned out the table setting. My daughter sent me the tulips for Mother's Day from Florida. Thanks, Tins! Aren't they pretty? The chocolate candies in the brown box came with them.

I left the candleholders with candles on the table, added the bee honey server and a bird crystal bell I bought from the other vendor in the store for $2.
I placed them all in a wooden tray that matches the little blue cabinet in the corner. I bought it from Kroger when we went to Houston a week or 2 ago.

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I hope you enjoyed the changes. Thanks for coming by and thanks to all our hostesses!
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