Friday, May 20, 2011

New Smyrna Beach, FL and Pink Flowers

Before we moved here, we lived in Florida. John took a temp locum tenens 6 month job in Sanford, which is about 1/2 hr drive from Orlando. Our home was 2 hours away from there so the company put him in a hotel suite and gave him a rental car throughout the duration of his duty. It was a fun job because although he was on call 24/7, he did only work when the hospital needed him. He did not have to see patients in a clinic. The only downside is that he had to be available in case he got called, so he was not able to go anywhere far. That was the reason he could not come with me when I was house hunting here. Yep, I found the house by myself, did the closing by myself and moved by myself with the help of my nephew who drove the second vehicle. John flew in when he finally quit his job to relocate and that was the first time he saw the house. Luckily, he really liked it too!

I am getting ahead of myself here. Anyway, my granddaughter, AJ and I really enjoyed his time there. I was still working full time in a laboratory at that time but every weekend, I would drive with AJ and stay in the hotel with him. The hotel was surrounded by my favorite stores: Ross, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, World Market, Joann Fabrics and many others and AJ's favorite store, Toys R Us. Needless to say, the vehicle was always full when we went home.

We always went to nearby beaches too. Today for Sightseeing Sat., I am showing you Smyrna Beach. John was all smiles here because he was getting paid while relaxing on the beach.

Noah was so little here.

Isn't the dog cute? He is not ours, just saw him in the parking lot.
Even my mom, John's daughters and sister enjoyed going there.

Hope you enjoyed a mini tour of Smyrna Beach.

I am also linking with Beverly for Pink Saturday at

I would like to share the pink flowers that are growing in our garden.

I did not know that petunias climbed up. You can see it climbing up the trellis here, which is good because I am trying to conceal the pool equipment.

Dianthus in a small flower bed by the vegetable garden.
These are bushes by the driveway in the front yard.

I know these dahlias are yellow but you can see the pink petunias in the background hanging from the gazebo. The small orchid bloomed also.

Double petunias hanging on the back porch.
Thank you for stopping by and I would like to thank Beverly for hosting. Please go visit her and her participants too.
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