Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Blue Orbs and Bowl

Last Wednesday, we went to Baton Rouge and went shopping at Perkins Rowe. After shopping at Anthropologie and Sur la Table, I went in Z Gallerie, which has always been one of my favorite stores when I lived in Florida. I was so glad I went because they had some items that were 80% off and I love most of them. I bought some white plates (chargers, dinner and salad)and some brown ones with a boar, deer and rabbit, which I have not taken a picture of yet. But I am so excited about this blue bowl and orbs.

The orbs or spheres were originally $9.99 each but it had a sign saying $50 % off. So, I brought 3 to the cashier and to my surprise, the cashier said they just discounted them further to $1.99 each. So I took the last one that I left out and bought all 4 of them. These are big and heavy. I asked if the bowl is also discounted and he checked. It was orignally $64 and with the 50% off, it would still be $32. That was why I left it on the shelf but when the sales clerk told me it was just further discounted to $12.89, I grabbed it.

The bowl is big and very heavy, at least 15 inches in diameter.

See the details? It has raised white scrolls.

Do you see the big painting on the wall? It's oil and I painted it myself.

I found this book box at Ross and if you know me, you must know I love peacocks so naturally, I bought it.

I placed it under the Sevres casket to raise it a bit. Here's a glimpse of the formal dining room.

I also moved one of the Sevres shell pair from the end table and added it to the coffee table vignette. Same thing with the fairy lamp.

And this is how I left it for now. I think I like it now and I hope you like it too.

I really like the color of the bowl and spheres. It matches our Sevres collection.

See the painting above the fireplace? It is an oil painting of my childhood home. A good friend of mine did it for me. One of these days, I will try to paint one myself. In fact, I will try to paint several to give to my cousins and siblings. I just have to gather my mood and energy to start, lol.

This Sevres compote with 3 putti was moved from the coffee table to this occational table by the lion chair.

Love the lion candle which I placed inside the crown. I bought it from an antique shop for, I think, $7.

And this table is on the opposite wall across the sofa. More peacocks on the Tracy Porter "Artesian" tea set.

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